Monday, 22 July 2019

Fun & Functional Phono!

This is a fun and functional pack that can be used for centers in your class or speech therapy to keep the students phonological and phonemic awareness skills sharp.

There are 49 pages that you can mix and match that target:
  • beginning sounds
  • middle sounds
  • final sounds
  • identify the sounds
  • segment the word
  • change the sound
  • identify the digraph
  • and identify the blend 

I found the cutest items from the Dollar Store- I got pom-poms, magnetic letters, and the little scrabble tiles! How cute are they!? The kids love them! Instead of using manipulatives, you can also get fly swatters and let the kids slap each sound!

Saturday, 20 July 2019

$1 SALE!!!!

Hey Everyone!

I have put on some of my newest products on sale for only $1, and I've even made some of them FREE! Many of these products were $5 so that is great savings, be ready for back to school early!!

So check out my store and spend $10-that's a lot of products for only $10.

Speech & Language Push-In Centers 

Tic Tac Mats for Mixed Groups

Friday, 19 July 2019

Shark-Push In Centers

I have so many students on my caseload that many of my classes have asked me to do in-class activities, so we don't miss any kids.  This suite me fine but then I need centers: activities that can target many different goals and many kids at a time :) I want to be ready for next year!

I went and looked and didn't see anything that suited me, so I made one. Hopefully, it goes well and I make more- I just need time and inspiration :P

I wanted to start with Sharks because its shark week and all of the kids love sharks, particularly my own child! He is 4 and totally obsessed with sharks right now! Maybe its the fact that we try and go to the beach any chance we get, and he thinks there are some in the lake!! Now in Alberta it hasn't been overly hot this summer, I'm hoping that changes! Also, there is zero chance that there are any sharks in our waters, just a few pickerel and jack! 

My centers target vocabulary (items that are associated), common prepositions, pronouns, possessives and sequencing the book activity.


Check out my Shark Push-In Center Pack here!

Monday, 15 July 2019

Interactive Book Bundle

 Teacher, Teacher, What Do You See? 

You've probably heard thy hype, but Interactive books seem to be all the rage!
There are so many ways and types of books you can use! I want to show you how I use mine.

First off, they are good for your whole caseload but especially for your kids with severe receptive and expressive language delays. The interactive pieces are great to keep them engaged and their hands busy :)

                               Teacher, Teacher, What Do You See?

You can use the interactive books for teaching common vocabulary. You can name the picture, and they choose it, then to make it more challenging you can describe the item and have the student choose the correct item. 

Car, Car, What Do You See? 

City, City, What Do You See?   

Farm, Farm, What Do You See? 

House, House What Do You See? 

Interactive - What Do You See Bundle
House, House What Do You See? 

In this House book of mine, you can use it for sorting items into the correct rooms.

To change it up you can turn it into a center :)

In my interactive bundle there are 6 books:
Farm, City, House, Teacher, Ocean, & Car. 
They can be incorporated with your different themes.  

AND the best part its only $6!!

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Camping Theme

A camping theme during the summer is a great idea- these are my pics from a daycare I work at. They are great for speech, preschool or indoor play on rainy days :(

I used the book Pete the Cat Goes Camping to tie it into the theme. Pete books are great for preschoolers :)

I use the food for vocabulary- talking about attributes descriptive words, sorting healthy and not healthy foods, etc.

The Melissa & Doug food can be cut in half, and you can also talk about the sequence of making burgers, s’mores, and other fun camping “foods.”

Some of the words I use while playing with the food are:
over, flip, next, on top, cook, grill, in, over, finished, healthy, more, then, colours, etc.

Some of the words I use while playing with the tent are:
in, out, beside, sleeping, awake, top, bottom, side, open, closed, etc.


I have my own Camping book that you can try out too:
Its a straightforward, repetitive book for you kids who have severe delays. You can use it to introduce vocabulary, and there are other activities in it. :)

Camper, Camper, What Do You See?Camper, Camper, What Do You See? 

I also have some summer interactive books that are great for 
prepostions, concepts, vocabulary and opposites. 

 Summer Interactive Book
Summer Interactive Book

Summer Interactive Book

Thursday, 11 July 2019


When I am targeting AAC with my clients, I really like using simple books and hands-on activities.

For hands-on- I like using little manipulatives to reinforce the teaching target and to keep the kids engaged.

Another great way to target concepts, descriptors, and parts is the famous Potato Head!
You can use it for following directions and reinforcing concepts.

From my store:
I also have an AAC pack to support beginners working with AAC's.

AAC Support for Beginnners

Here are quick tips on when to use them throughout the day and a place for notes.
It contains Core Vocabulary:
  • Go
  • Stop
  • In
  • Out
  • No
  • Yes
  • Help
  • Drink/eat
  • Play
  • Read
  • Finish/Done
  • More
  • Put
  • On
  • Off
  • Want
  • Up
  • Down