Saturday, 29 October 2016

My favourite S blends activity! 

 Hey Everyone

I have been looking for some good s blend activities because at one of my schools (I work at 7!!) I have everyone working on s blends! Yes, everyone! When does that happen?

Articulation S-Blends: Dough N' Go 

 I went out on search of something new and I found this! I absolutely love it and so do the kids. The clip art is so cute and bright and the mats are clear and easy to use. The kids simply say the word and then cover it up with play-doh! Great idea!
I am thinking of looking for some more dough n' go products!

What do you like for S blends? Comment below.

Thanks TLC Talk Shop!

Friday, 21 October 2016

Speech Freebies!

I know it is upon us quickly but maybe your are lost for resources for next week... I love Halloween and so do the kids. I went out in search of some really fun, cute, freebies that I can use in treatment with my entire caseload!

Here are some of my fave Halloween Freebies!

I picked some freebies that will be useful for your ENTIRE caseload. I included articulation, language, reading comprehension, & phonological awareness!


 The first product is a cute freebie from my shop. Halloween, Halloween What Do You See? I use it with kids to talk about Halloween vocabulary, beginning sounds and you can use the coloring pages for following directions or reinforcement. 

Please excuse my horrible picture but you get the idea... Laminate the page and you have a beginning sounds center or activity for speech therapy. You can also use it to target concepts like first, second, next, last and so on! 


 Another cute one is Halloween Play Dough Mats from The Speech Space. It is great for following directions.  Just print, laminate and grab your play-doh!

 Halloween Play Dough Mats for Following Directions

 And you can use the black and white version as homework.

 Have you ever heard of Perkilou's Fun Freebies? They have the cutest little books that you can print and use for preschoolers. You can target articulation, vocabulary, sequencing and more! The kids love singing with these books!!



If your caseload doesn't make too much fun of you, you can try singing this song with them and target some neat sounds for articulation.  (I wouldn't dare try, singing is not my talent!!!)

I really like this freebie from Ready to Teach English and Spanish. It is a story comprehension activity that helps them to sequence. It is so cool!! Love it!

Speech Room News has a really cute pronoun freebie!!

Halloween Pronouns: Free Grammar Activity for Speech Therapy 

And last but certainly not least here are some very cute generic sheets you can use for reinforcement and articulation.
SO cute, thanks Speech Attic!

Halloween Reinforcement Worksheets

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Coloring and Language Skills-Plurals

I told you about my vocabulary book, right? Well, now I made a plurals book to use in speech. Many of us have to group our kids because of large caseloads and you know how you always have that one kid who wants to answer ALL the time...this is a great opportunity to have that guy color while it's someone else's turn. I love it when we can keep those little hands and minds busy :)

It is so easy for prep too, just print and the kids cut it out, staple and print themselves...(with a little help, maybe!)

It contains s, z, ez endings as well as irregular plurals. You can target specific areas that the student is having trouble with or all of them! Easy, peasy!!

Enjoy, it won't be cheap long!

Friday, 7 October 2016

Telepractice Ideas

Here we are in October (already!!) and I know many of you are using telepractice or thinking of using it. I do use it occasionally and I've found a few sites that make my life a little easier.

Here they are:

***ABCya! Great website for reinforcement and games! It has stories and a lot of phonics games to help those struggling readers!

***Need a brain break? The kids do... a lot! I find go Noodle helps get the sillies out to promote attention.

***YouTube has some cute stories that you can use for comprehension or other language goals.

I love using this story for my Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Activity!

A Week with Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

If you comment below on what your favourite thing to use for telepractice is and leave me your email address, I will give you a free copy of my Goldilocks Activity that contains a weeks worth of activities to use in speech therapy! 

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend my fellow Canadians! I am grateful for my friends, family and my wonderful job!!