Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Speech In Alberta

Speech Language Therapy works a little differently in Alberta than it does in the US. We do not have an SLP at every school. Actually schools are very lucky if they have their own SLP- that's just not how funding works here. In Northern Alberta, were lucky if an SLP lives in the town/area!

In Alberta, most speech services to provided to public schools are provided through the Provincial Government- Alberta Health Services-the provincial Health Region. This service is provided at no direct cost to the school. But the schools only get the service that the health region can provide. There are a lot of schools and a huge caseload so they don't usually get a lot of direct one on one therapy, more universal strategies. 

The First Nation Schools receive funding through the Federal government to hire their own private services. The First Nation Schools don't receive services through the provincial government. They contract services from private SLP's and services like mine, Creating Communicators. 

I provide speech language and occupational services. I go into schools screen, assess and then provide program implementation. I also provide one on one therapy, as well as group and classroom activities. I work with staff to educate and train how they can provide a language rich environment in their classroom.  I have 3 SLP's, and 2 OT's and I am in the process of hiring another SLP-A.

I really love my job and it is so fulfilling! I love working with kids- they are so fun and entertaining. I love it when I can make a difference and increase their language skills, and hopefully confidence.  I also have a problem with resources- I have too much stuff. I have games, and tons of speech stuff in my house. I need a personal organizer or I may be on an upcoming episode of Hoarders! 

I love spreading the "Speech Word!"

Sunday, 25 February 2018

St. Patty Day Freebie

Hey Everyone!

I love freebies, especially on TPT. You could look and search and have almost everything  you need without paying. Who doesn't love freebies, I do for sure!!
Need a few quick freebies for St. Patty's Day -or for the week?

Here are some freebies from my store!

A home reader for your beginning readers!

 Leprechaun Home Reader 

Activities for your speech and language caseload

March Speech and Language Package 

And a month worth of activities to facilitate language at home!
March Language Activities


Farm, Farm, What Do You See? 

I had made a book a while ago, it was one of the first products I ever made. Recently, I have been looking at my store and re-vamping my products. I made this book into an interactive book. It will end up looking something like this!

 What Do You See- The Entire Package

 I look at my old products and look at how far I've come (I hope!) My products were very plain, didn't use many different fonts and I started out in word! Now I have a ton of fonts, a small fortune in clip art and always use power point. 
I don't really think of myself as creative but I really like making products, its a nice outlet for my creativity and ideas.

I hope you like my stuff, its very important to me. I don't like negative feedback, who does?! But it does help me grow and fix/edit items.

Do you have a store? How do you feel about making products?

Monday, 19 February 2018

Visuals in the Classroom!

Visual Direction Cards: 57 Terms {A Hughes Design}  

I love visual schedules! I think they are so helpful following directions. I use them for my non-verbal and severe kids. I also have some older kids who are having a hard time in class. They are usually looking around the class or to follow off of a peer. When the kids are a bit older (grade2-5) I want to give them help but I also want it to be age appropriate. 
I went looking around and this is what I found. 

Ashley Hughes- you probably know her from her awesome clip art but she also makes this.

It is 57 Visual Direction Cards for classroom. 
She uses it with her ESL students (awesome idea!)
"It contains cards so you can 'show' your students what to do during activities. I use this with my ESL/EFL students and it works wonders. I just explain instructions and hang the cards for reinforcement. I rarely have students ask me "What do I do now?"."

You can print, laminate and then use them on the front white board or on each table if you are doing centers. I put magnetic strip on the back so that they can be quickly used at the front smart board.  

Love it, Click on the pic above to see it in her TPT store. 



Phonological Awareness

Hey Everyone!

At one of my schools I had a kid in grade 4 who was unable to rhyme! I couldn't believe it! I felt defeated! So, I got thinking, what can I do? I went on the hunt and came up with some really great products and ideas. I am going to work with him on the entire phono goal- beginning to end! It is estimated to take me about 11 weeks- If I work my butt off! Then I got thinking, I bet he's not the only one... SO, because I don't have enough to do, I am going to do a program with my kindergarten to grade 4. Wish me luck.  

What I want to know is any tips and trick you have on how to carry out classroom activities that target phono? Any ideas, resources you love? I'd love to hear from you!

Here are a few of my old favorites and some new purchases!

Love Tara West! Here are a few of her products!

Not only does she have fantastic product, she recently came up with a "systematic curriculum." Honestly, I don't know how she does it?! Her store is amazing, she must not sleep! :)

Phonemic Awareness ENDLESS BUNDLE


And the Clever Classroom!
This is a really great no prep product that has a lot of activities on each skill. Definitely money well spent!

Phonological & Phonemic Awareness Interventions

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Valentine Freebie!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's a quick freebie to help keep your eye on your love and not on planning therapy!


Valentine Speech Treats

Tuesday, 6 February 2018



 For February I am putting my Concepts Pack on for 50% off!!

Everything you need to teach concepts, written step by step!


Concepts Step By Step

And don't forget about my Valentine Freebie! It is a quick pack to target pronouns, verbs, vocabulary, following directions, and beginning sounds.

Did I say.... FREE!!

Valentine Speech Treats

Valentine Speech Treats

Monday, 5 February 2018

Sequencing Mats

Hey Peeps!

I have kids who are working on their sequencing 
skills and story retell. I need the kids to be more 
expressive but I need activities that are at “their 
level.” I find that many books are way to easy or 
way too long. I need something quick that we 

can read and sum up into its parts. I also need 

visuals,  so I went looking. :)

I found these Sequencing Mats, and I love them. 
They are quick little stories that my kids can relate

to, like normal daily routines. I bought them 

because they are super easy to make, just print 

and laminate. Then you can get some Velcro or 

even sticky tac (I call it fun tac!)

And, there you go!  A fun center to do in a class 

or in speech therapy!

Thank you Mrs. Kadeen Teaches!! Click on the pic 

below to be taken to her TPT store!

 Sequencing Mats-Readers

Friday, 2 February 2018

Got the Winter Blahs???

NO PRINT Winter Nouns & Pronouns 

Are you tired of winter? You are if you are Canadian! We have been cold here in Northern AB!
I love it here, but not -40! UGH

To help you all get through the deep freeze I found this FREE, NO PRINT product from Allison Fors!
It targets Nouns and pronouns and  you can use it on your iPad, what kid doesn't love that!

Keep smiling and stay warm! :)

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Happy February 1st Sale!

I know it seems most of us check out TPT but don't forget about TN!

They have some really cool giveaways and they allow up to 50% off sales!

I love it, who doesn't love a great deal!
Here are some of my products and don't forget all 50% this weekend!
Happy February 1st!