Thursday, 19 July 2018

Summer Interactive book!

Summer Interactive Book  

School's out for summer....
OK, I'm not a singer but I like the song!
I made these summer interactive books that are great for kids with severe language delays or are minimally verbal.

They can show their knowledge without needing to verbally produce answers, they can just match them while you say the word. Repeat it and hopefully after many repirtitions they will eventually poduce the word.  For kids just learning to express themselves in single words or simple phrases, pictures support that level of speech. If students are communicating in sentences, they can make up their own language to describe the concept/word/picture.
There are 3 books and they target camping vocabulary, concepts, prepositions and opposites.
Interactive books give the busy little hands something to do. They also have an obvious ending. The kids can see if they get the pictures done they are finished with this activity. I can work on many additional goals (prepostions, concepts, vocabulary and opposites, etc.) while targeting this activity.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Camping Book!

Camper, Camper, What Do You See

Camper, Camper is an excellent book for a camping theme. You can use it in therapy or a classroom.

I made Camper, Camper book, & it was one of my first products! I recently revamped it and added a black and white book that can be sent home with kids. I like this book because it targets vocabulary, phonological awareness and printing practice. 

And today it's only $1.60!

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Speech & Language Push-In Centers

Speech & Language Push-In Centers l 

When you work in schools with high caseloads and an extremely high number of students with severe language delays you need to be inventive. And because of the high workloads,  small pull-out groups are appropriate in many situations, but I like to keep students in their classrooms. Often, the "push" from administrators has been to "push-in" our services to general education, and provide services in the school. 

Creating Communicators will be providing therapy in more ways than just a traditional one on one and small group pull out therapy- although we will still continue with these models. 

Centers for Tier 1:  In many classrooms, teachers have daily or weekly center time. To build on this center time, I have made some push in centers that teachers can use in the classroom to work on language skills. First, the SLP can come in and model the activity or spend some time with the teacher, co-teaching the activity and then the teacher has resources ready to go. Everyone wins!

 Here are just some of the activitiyes in my new Speech & Language Push- In center! It is only $3~ It targets pronouns, begining sounds and vocabulary skills. Enough for a month!