Sunday, 30 November 2014

Elf Speech and Language Activities

Well it's getting to be that time again! My favorite time of the year. As some of you might remember I am pregnant and expecting my third child in December. I have little to no energy so I worked on some speech stuff today! And I made a Christmas themed speech and language pack! 
It is called Elf Speech & Language Activities. It is in my TPT Shop. Included in it is:
Changing  verbs to nouns 
Comparing & Contrasting
Name the Item
Articulation Homework
Follow 2 step Directions 
Here is a sneak peak at what you're in store for:


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Friday, 28 November 2014

Freebie Friday!!

******Flash Freebie Friday****

In this pack I have included sheets for she, he and they. There are posters that students can use to practice their receptive and expressive language skills.  There are posters, colorful pictures, and a black and white cut and paste activity.

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

What's in you cart? Linky Party


 Wow, another reason to shop! I love it!

There is a TPT Cyber sale on Dec 1 & 2. I am linking up with The Speech Room News and holding a linky party to show what is in my cart for the next TPT sale!

 In my store are the following products:

The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly Lliteracy Plan
The Old Lady Who Swallowed a fly Literacy Plan

Activities include:
Individual and Group Activities
Individual Work:
Home reader
Beginning sounds work sheet
Printing practice
Write down the Beginning sound
Put the animals in ABC order
Label and describe each animal
Writing prompts- If I were a….

Group work:
Rhyming Center activity
Rhyming Group activity
2 Sequencing Activities- 1 for your bulletin board, and 1 Velcro activity
Same/Different Activity
Classroom Posters

Winter, Winter What Do You See?

 Use this book written in the Brown Bear format to teach vocabulary and the items that are found during winter. Included are printing practice sheets, prompts for writing about winter and identifying beginning sounds.

Multiple Meaning Words
 Activities included:
Definitions of each word- page 3-7
Choose the correct picture to match the sentence-page 8-17
Write your own explanation of the word-page 18-22
Write your own sentence using the word- page 23-27
Printing practice page 28
Define in your own words- page 29
Quiz- page 30-31
Game/activity- page 33-34- note this activity has some extra words that were not included in the rest of the package.

Let me show you what I've got my eye on!

Color By Pronouns: Christmas Edition

SPEECH THERAPY Wh-Question w/ visual answers autism Who Wh

50% OFF! Speech Therapy: Compare and Contrast Bundle - 3 in 1!

The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell {Speech & Language Exten

Thanks Jenna for hosting the party!
Until next time,

Friday, 21 November 2014

Phonemic Awareness Folder Games

Phonemic Awareness Folder Games

I bought a Phonemic Awareness from Lakeshore Learning & it was such a great buy. It was affordable, required no work printing or laminating and is so useful.
It comes in its own little holder!

This game targeted ending sounds- you pick a fish and match to to a fish with the same ending sound! It was $34.99 which is a great deal for 10 durable folder games.

Here is the link-


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Private Speech Services

I am not a Speech Language Pathologist. I am a Speech & Language Consultant. I have 12+ years experience working as a speech assistant, a Speech Assistant Diploma and a Rehabilitation Services Diploma. 
The difference between the the SLP and I are that the SLP assesses the kids and then I work on the goals through treatment. I provide treatment one on one or in small groups. I also have my own business- Creating Communicators. In our area speech services are not provided on Aboriginal Land- Reserve schools. It has been my experience that children in first nation schools seem to really need speech, language and literacy support. I thought how can I help to meet those needs?

I decided to start my own business that only provides support to First Nations schools. What I do is I go in and screen their kids and then anyone who doesn't pass the screen is then seen by one of my contract speech pathologists. The SLP  will assess them and then develop goals for each student. After that, I go in and provide one on one treatment with the child and then support the aide. I support the aides and teachers by giving them resources, games and ideas on how to get the speech and language progressing. I come in twice a month, usually and do a treatment session, while the aide watches me, and then I  give them resources and ideas. I try and answer any of their questions on how the treatment is going and how to progress. I also go in the classroom and do small group and entire class activities on topics that the teacher feels the kids need extra help on.
 I have the SLP come in through out the year and give me and the staff guidance, supervision and support. This is a more cost effective way to provide support to schools who don't normally have SLP services because of funding issues or because they are in a remote area. It is a win/ win for everyone!

How do SLP services work in your area.  

Monday, 10 November 2014

Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic Awareness FUN!

Today I am posting on sharing some of my favourite Phonemic Awareness Activities.
I like this one because it has activities and worksheets both! The packet includes the 5 levels of Phonemic Awareness, a Phonemic Awareness Student Inventory, and 3-5 hands on, FUN activities for each level of Phonemic Awareness.
Thank you Ashley Reed.

An example of
Segmenting Sounds from Phonemic Awareness Fun.
I took some of my resources and laminated them, found some blocks and there you are! A cheap, colorless activity to help my kids with their reading and phono skills!

SENSATIONAL SOUNDS Worksheets * Beginning, Middle, Ending  
Sensational Sounds by Class of Kinders! Here is a quick, cheap activity! I use this one as a homework sheet because it is easy enough for parents (sorry Mom and Dads) to help kids with. Let's face it, Mom and Dad don't always know how to teach things, or even how to help, some of the tougher concepts of Phonemic Awareness. This is very cheap and you can laminate and use it as a center or (like I do) as a homework sheet for extra practice.

Here is Help Me Sound It Out
Help Me Sound It Out- {small group games that help with ph
by Kristen Smith that is great for hands on and centers. There are center ideas
as well as worksheets that include listening for sounds, rhyming, beginning sounds and so much more.
It is all laid out clearly and easy to use! Plus there are super cute clip art!
So Great!! Thank you Kristen!


Phoneme-Segmentation Card Set

Sometimes the skill that kids have the most trouble with is segmenting and if that is what your kids need here is a great buy. This activity just focuses on segmenting! DP Sharpe made this and I have printed it off for teachers for extra practice in their class rooms. If printer ink is like gold with you, you can print them in black and white and laminate them onto colored paper to make them prettier! I have also sent them for homework sheets for extra practice. Great extra practice activity!

Elkonin Boxes 1 {Phoneme Segmenting}
 This is another activity that is extra practice for segmenting. Keep it Captivating suggests that you put this pack in page protectors (saves laminating) and put it in a binder which is a really quick and easy to set it up! I love this one because it is organized into 2, 3 and 4 sounds! SO easy!

Pre-literacy Phonemic Awareness PackageAnd last but not least are my humble little packs that I have made.
Phonemic Awareness Pre-Literacy Pack!
Do you need center activities that are child lead?
Here are some activities that you can play in small groups, one on one, or use as centers. They focus on all pre-reading skills like identifying the beginning sounds, and identifying each sound in words.
A great addition to any classroom!
I have put it on sale for only $1 for November so check it out!
Pre-literacy Phonemic Awareness Package Pre-literacy Phonemic Awareness Package 

Monster Truck Sorting Diagraphs
The other trouble some of the kids have are diagraphs so
I made an activity that just focuses on those sounds- sh, ch, and th.  This is a center activity that the kids place the word either at the beginning  or ending of the truck differentiate where they hear the sound. The boys really love this one!
Again, I made it only $1 for November.
Sorting Sounds- sh, th, ch

Friday, 7 November 2014

Motivation and Initiative

I am working with a speech aide who is brand new to the speech world! I have been training her for 
a couple of months and on one of my visits I came back to this. She took it upon herself to
decorate and find some speech resources to decorate her room and to
provide support to her and her kiddos.
I was so happy that she was willing to take upon herself and showed the initiative to do this. I have been to schools, sadly enough, who have had staff who haven't even touched my resources! 
This was a pleasant surprise!
Thank you Michelle!
You Rock!!!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Magnetic Match Up Adventures Kit

Magnetic Match Up Adventures Kit

Here is one of my favorite Super Duper items. This resource targets following directions and can be used as a barrier game (like the one shown).

It is such a great resource because it can teach 
* following directions
* concepts and prepositions
* receptive and expressive language
* phonological awareness
* auditory memory
I love it! Almost every kiddo on the caseload can benefit! Plus they love the different scenes and little magnetic pieces. It includes ocean, park, grocery store and space... There are 2 versions -the other one is Around the World which features different places like arctic, desert and rain forest. Each place (mat) targets its own concepts.

If you've ever used this let me know what you think by leaving a comment!

Cheers, Mindy!