Sunday, 9 April 2017

Speech Language Assessment for Students with Autism

I am going to be really honest here... I have some kids on my caseload that are on the Autism Spectrum and I felt like I wasn't really doing much for them, especially the kids who were non-verbal (or pretty close). I had assessments and goals and I really felt like I wasn't making much of a difference and the progress seemed to be limited (if at all). It was starting to bother me... These kids are the ones who need the most support and most involved services and I just didn't feel like I was making the cut.

 I went looking around and found some great information. I found a great video on an assessment tool that is created for students with autism. Not only does this tool assessment assess their language but it also provides ideas on the barriers that might be hindering their progress! 
What!? Great information!!
You can also purchase the testing material for under $70 and there is an app that is even cheaper. At that price it is definitely something to loo

I am really interested in trying it out...
Take a look!

"The VB-MAPP is an assessment and curriculum guide by Mark Sundberg, PhD, BCBA that is based on 170 developmental milestones and research from the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. It has been field-tested with children with autism, children with other developmental disabilities, and typically developing children.

It provides a clear and accurate picture of an individual child's abilities. 

The overall program contains:

  • Skills Assessment – Assesses 170 language and social milestones across three developmental levels
  • Barriers Assessment – Assesses 24 language and learning barriers and can be used for planning interventions and tracking progress
  • Skills Task Analysis and Tracking System – Contains over 1,000 skills that support the milestones, and can be used to record and track progress
  • Transition Assessment – Identifies the skills needed for successful transition to less restrictive learning environments
  • Placement and IEP Guide – Suggests direction for the intervention program based on the child's profiled strengths and weaknesses

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Friday, 7 April 2017

SLP Must Have

My SLP Must Have  Product for April is My Easter Pack!