Monday, 28 September 2020

Little Red Riding Hood

Use this 33-page pack for a week's worth of activities in speech therapy or as literacy centers in your classroom!

Read your book every day and then follow up with these great activities:

Monday-describing & attributes
Tuesday-beginning sounds
Thursday-story sequence 2 versions
Bonus-articulation for /g/, /l/ and /r/
wh questions.


Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Teletherapy Idea- Goldilocks!


Can't come up with anything for therapy? Try a YouTube video and have the child answer questions and sequence the video!

Also, you can try my Goldilocks Companion!


Thursday, 17 September 2020

The Wheels on the Bus

 Here are some fun and cute activities that you can use with The Wheels on the Bus theme!😊

To make it fun, we need to incorporate many areas: play, hands-on learning, interactive, etc. Some of the activities are even appropriate for teletherapy!

 I have incorporated many activities in this pack, fine motor skills, language skills, language centers and below is a fun video you can watch. You will also want to do the hand motions too!

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Apple Themed Activities!


Here are Apple theme activities that are good for preschool, kindergarten and grade 1. It is a really nice theme to pair with a sensory bin!

Some activities target speech, language and fine motor skills.

The OT centers are meant to target fine motor skills that include printing practice, Q-tips, playdoh, blocks and erasers. These centers target hand strength, manipulation, and other fine motor skills needed for young children need.

You can use each of them any way you like them but here are some suggestions:

•Playdoh- the child can use the black and white version to color, or make a face (targeting emotions) in the apple. With the color version, you can use play-doh to practice the outline of the apple or mini erasers.

•Q-tip- using paint, the children can outline the apples. Make sure to cut the Q-tip in half to encourage proper pencil grasp.

•Alphabet practice- can use with dry erase markers, or printing practice in a sensory bin (rice/sand, etc.).

•Number practice- you can have the students practice writing the numbers or put blocks/small erasers that represent the number shown.

These centers are meant to target speech and language skills -like vocabulary, category naming, concepts, phoneme identification, and phoneme counting. Most of these are all skills children need to master before they start to read.

You can use each of them any way you like them but here are some suggestions:

•Apple Basket Categories- depending on the age and skill level you can use as many or as few categories as you like. For young children, you can start with 2 very different categories: for example animals and food. As the children progress, you can make the activity more difficult: animals with fur and animals with feathers. Some other ideas are farm animal/forest animals, ocean animals/ land animals, vehicles that go on land /ocean, etc. Many of the pictures may apply to several groups. Again, use your judgement to include the pictures that will work best for your group.

•One sheet Language center- if you are in a pinch try the no-prep sheet, you can use page 29 for your group and go through the sheet individual, or as a group.

•Category name- if your children are writing they can pick a card from the pile (cut and laminate page 36 and place all pictures in a pile) as they pull a card they can label the category name and write it down. If your children are younger they can just verbally label the category name. Many of the pictures can be called different names (animals/farm animals/pets). Snowman (things outside, things you find in winter, cold things, etc., again, use your judgment as to whether the answer is correct or not. To extend the activity you can have the student name more items from that category.

•Concepts- have the children circle the correct concept. To extend, you can use manipulatives to show the concepts cards around the classroom or use manipulatives with a small group.

•Identify the digraph- have the children pick one of the cards (again cut, laminate and place in a pile) then have the children say the word and place it on the correct apple according to the sound they heard. You can use 1 or 2 sounds or all 3 depending on age and skill.


Monday, 14 September 2020

Books Online

Are you looking for ways to build emergent literacy skills in young children?

As we have entered the era of COVID and we are now doing homeschool and a lot of online learning we need to remember books. I love books online and I love how books can increase so many language skills!

Here is a video about turning book reading into a conversation with the fun children’s book Good Night, Gorilla.

Here are some activities I found on Pinterest!

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

CVC Center for Fall!

 CVC Center 

We need a quick center for all of our kids that will be in the classroom! It needs to be useful and low prep, in case we have to look after 100 other things! LOL

First - you can use this as a CVC center. 

Second, you can use it as a phoneme center- segmenting the sounds in words.

Thirdly, you can use it as a rhyming center.

Any order you like!!

CVC Center

In order to make it COVID friendly, you can laminate and use wipes and hand sanitizer between children. 

Sunday, 6 September 2020

Fall Activities

Autumn Literacy Pack

Autumn Literacy Pack
Great for pre-k, kindergarten and grade 1!

  • Activities include:
  • Syllable sort
  • Beginning sounds
  • Printing practice
  • Writing prompts
  • Black and white home reader
  • Comprehension questions
  • Colored class reader in the Brown Bear format.
  • Sequence activity
41 pages in all

*** updated- made a few revisions and made it more printer friendly!
Please take time to leave me feedback and follow my shop!
Autumn Literacy Pack

Autumn Literacy Pack
 Autumn Literacy Pack

Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Fall Speech Therapy Activities

                                                            Autumn, Autumn What Do You See?

Need a quick, inexpensive activity for September

Use this book for speech therapy. This book written in the Brown Bear format to teach vocabulary and the items that are found during autumn. Included are printing practice sheets, prompts for writing about fall and identifying beginning sounds.

Great little package to send home with younger students and its only $1!

Friday, 28 August 2020

Severe Language Caseload

Severe Language Delay Bundle- 4 Weeks 


Do you have any students with severe language delays? I do. I needed a product that was good for older kids that were struggling, but not too kiddish. I also needed it to target some skills that they were lacking, like coloring, cutting and pencil grasp. I wanted it to be effective and for every activity to be targeting goals - no time to waste! I also didn't want to be spending a tone of time on prep. 

I couldn't find what I needed so I made it. Now, be kind, this was a product I made a long time ago, so it may not be the prettiest, but I tried! Lol :)

There is a week's worth of activities in this pack (if you see the child everyday, if not it is appropriate for 2 weeks or longer!!) 


Severe Language Delay- Week 1

Here is everything you need for teaching for a month for only $10.08!!!

Included are the instructions for teaching one, in, dirty, clean, and associations.

There are over 30 pages of instructions and resources for the entire week plus step by step daily, instructions on how to use the resource.

 Severe Language Delay- Week 1



Book that targets concepts in, and one which can also

be used as a home reader and coloring pages.



Printing practice sheets

Concept folds (some in bw and color)

Robot puzzles containing associations.

Week 2!

 Severe Language Delay- Week 2

Included are the instructions for teaching all, off, soft, hard and What Doesn't Belong.

 Severe Language Delay- Week 2

There are over 40 pages of instructions and resources for the entire week plus step by step daily, instructions on how to use the resource.


Book that targets concepts all, & off which can also

be used as a home reader and coloring pages.



Printing practice sheets

Concept folds (some in bw and color)

Robot puzzles containing What Doesn't Belong

Week 3!

 Severe Language Delay- Week 3

Included are the instructions for teaching none, on, big and little and categories.

There are over 40 pages of instructions and resources for the entire week.


 Severe Language Delay- Week 3

Book that targets concepts none, on, big and little which can also be used as a home reader and coloring pages.



Printing practice sheets

Concept folds (some in bw and color)

Category Mats

Week 4!

 Severe Language Delay- Week 4

Included are the instructions for teaching Negation (not), out, wet/dry and opposites.

There are 39 pages of instructions and resources for the entire week.


Book that targets concepts not, out, wet and dry which can also be used as a home reader and coloring pages.



Printing practice sheets

Concept folds (some in bw and color)

Opposite Mats and Clip cards

Severe Language Delay- Week 4

Thursday, 27 August 2020

Back to School Ideas


Category Clips 

Well, it's been a while! This whole COVID thing has us all wondering what the heck this year will look like! I am hoping that your year, and mine, is back to normal, we all stay safe and our year(s) goes smoothly!

This is a FUN activity for preschool and kindergarten!


 Use this fun activity to teach basic categories and subcategories. 


 It includes the basic categories 

* Animal

* Clothing

* Food 

* Household Items  

* Transportation 

Category Clips

 and Subcategories

 Land, Air, and Water transportation

 Pets, Zoo Animals, and Farm Animals

 Bedroom, Living room and Kitchen

 Healthy and Unhealthy Food

 School Items

 Space Items

 &  Community Places


 Category Clips


 Laminate and glue pieces on clothespins to make a fun center that also targets fine motor skills! Right now it is on sale for $2.40!!


 Category Clips

Saturday, 11 July 2020

How Many Sounds?


Segmenting sounds is so important! It is a skill that many children don't have and it is an absolute must for increasing reading skills.

What is segmenting:

Phoneme segmentation is the ability to break words down into individual sounds.
For example, the learner breaks the word dog into its sounds – d, o, and g.

Here is a quick, cute activity to help your child/students with that skill.

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Articulation Mats

                                         Articulation Mats

There are so many fun ways you can incorporate articulation practice at home or in therapy.
You can use these articulation mats with play doh, dry erase markers, chips, candy or cereal, crayons, pom poms, bingo dabbers, mini erasers and more!

These will be a great way to practice those stubborn sounds during the summer.

                             Articulation Mats

                             Articulation Mats

                             Articulation Mats

Here is what is included:

9 Articulation Mats for Speech Therapy
initial sounds-f,g,k,l,s and l blends, r, s, sh, and ch & th in all positions.

These mats are to be used in speech therapy for articulation practice. The students can say their target sound and cover a spot with a bingo chip or dauber after they have made a correct production. There are 10 examples on each page and 2 versions for each sound- /r/ and /th/ have more than 2 examples and the /th/ sound is in all positions. All other sounds are initial. At the end of the pack are 10 bw sheets you can send for homework or as a low ink alternative and used with articulation cards.

/f/-fish, fan, ferris wheel, full, photo, phone, fire, fireplace, farmer, fast.
/k/-camera, car, computer, kite, kitten, key, kettle, ketchup, cup, kitten.
/g/-goat, gift, girl, gopher, game, gum, gun, garbage man, gumballs, gold.
/l/- listen, line up, leaf, log, lollipop, lamb, ladybug, laptop, lantern, luggage.
/l/ blends-slam, plant, black, slim, plant, glass, Santa Claus, glue, sled, plum.
/s/ blends words- scar, snack, swim, slim, skate, stem, spin, student, skinny, stage. You can have the students use the phrase- the scar on the swing.
/th/-thin, thief, mouth, sloth, thermos, wreath, thorn, third, mouth, theater.
thumb, mouth, thin, thorn, thermometer, wreath, moth, bath, thermos, thief, theater.
/sh/-ship, shop, sheep, chef, shovel, shell, short, shoe, she, shoulder.
/ch/-chalk, chimney, chicken, chocolate, church, chick, chest, cheese, cherry, chair.
/r/- rainbow, rain, ring, rocket, rose, red, river, rim, rings, rat
rabbit, rings, robot, roller skates, rose, red (bear), rain coat, run, rock, rat, rose.
Write, rabbit, run, rock, race car, rat, rain coat, ring, roller skates, wreath.
/s/- Santa, sun, son, sofa, sit, sandwich, sandcastle, soap, socks, soldier.