Monday, 27 April 2015

Really Good Stuff

Have you heard of Really Good Stuff??

It's an online store that has products that are geared to teachers and classrooms. I love it and I've got some really cool, useful items for speech therapy. I've also used some of it in classrooms and small group activities. 

I am playing it here with my guinea pig (my daughter)- Lainy! Thanks, Lainy! 

This is a cute, fun game I use with my early language learners. It is a vocabulary sort game. The child chooses a card from the box and then sorts it into the according box. You can have them label the attributes, compare and contrast the items, and name other items from each group. There are so many uses for this game! If you are working with older students you can have them identify the beginning sound- really anything you can think of!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Flash Freebie!

Flash Freebie!
For all of my Teacher's Notebook Followers today only I am holding a flash freebie on Spring What Do You See Book! Check it out!

Thursday, 23 April 2015

How Many Sounds?

Hello everybody. Lately at my schools I've been working with groups and trying get more bang for my buck. Many of the kids are falling short when it comes to reading so I've been doing reading and phonological awareness activities in my groups to help give the kids a boost.

Phonological awareness seems to be a big issue & many of the children I work with are struggling readers in grades 2, 3 & 4. I need activities that are going to promote phonological awareness skills but are also going to be age-appropriate and not too simple. I made an activity package that is a very simple for teachers to use but useful and fun for kids. I use this pack in speech therapy with my students with phono goals and in reading groups.

How Many Sounds is a very simple package to use. All you do is print and cut. 
How to play: First you lay all the dice out on the table and place the cards face down. Each child chooses a card, counts the number sounds in the word then places it on the corresponding dice.
For example- she: sh- ee 2 sounds.

You can modify it too. If your children are having difficulty you can only use the 2, 3, & 4 word sounds. 
This package also includes diagraphs. If the students you are working with have a hard time with digraphs this pack has many examples  for a little extra practice.

Let me know what product(s) you like and use for struggling readers.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Cheap Easter ideas!!

Hey Everyone!

I know Easter has passed us by but I wanted to show you a couple of inexpensive games I've found that you can use in therapy. 

I found this cute X & O's game at Wal-Mart. The kids love it and I've found ways to use it in articulation or language therapy. I will have the student complete a few examples of their goal (cards/words, etc.) and then they take their turn playing the game. I also make them practice during my turn too, unless it's a difficult goal for them then I use that time to model the goal correctly. 😊

The other cute game I found is little rabbits that you catch with the net. You push them down and then catch them when they pop up! How cute is that! I get them to practice their target for each turn or I get them to practice as many times as the amount of bunnies they've caught. You can also color
Code the bunnies for a number of turns- white 5 times, pink 2, etc.  They love it! So cute and easy!

Buying both of these games cost me under $4!!
Are there any items you've found? Please share your ideas!!


Monday, 6 April 2015

Free April Calendar

Happy Spring Everyone!

Check out my free April Calendar! It is a great freebie to send home with parents that will give parents ways and ideas on how to promote language at home. I have also added a few touches that will guide parents in ways to build connection with their children like "give your child a hug today" and "tell your child why you are proud of them!" I think these ideas are very important and serve as reminders to help nurture our young souls!

Leave me some feedback!


Thursday, 2 April 2015

Jack and Jill FREEBIE!

 Hey Everyone!!

Flash freebie for the Easter long weekend!

I am broadening my horizons and making some items for my TPT store that are geared towards

primary classrooms. I have always wanted to be a teacher, and I guess I am just not in a 

classroom. Providing speech therapy, I teach children one on one and in small groups language 

skills. Using my speech background I have realized that teachers target teaching in a different 

way so I'm using my experience to teach children in a different way. I hope, useful way!

Take a look at my package and give me specific feedback, you may be featured in my blog!!

Thanks for taking a look!

Happy Easter!!