Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Language at home for Preschoolers!

Language at home with Preschoolers 
Are you struggling with keeping your child busy at home? This pack has black and white with no prep, along with colour activities that you can laminate.
There are hands-on activities for preschoolers that target:
  1. find items with certain qualities
  2. label items and their category
  3. nursery rhyme
  4. tracing letters
  5. identify numbers and letters
  6. colouring and cutting (for fine motor practice)
  7. printing practice- colour words, letters and numbers
  8. sorting category items
Enjoy this 13 page package and please remember to leave me kind feedback!
Mindy :)

Monday, 30 March 2020

Push- In Centers

Here is a great pack that can be used as a theme or pair it with your favourite Shark book.
The centers include:
  • barrier game
  • concepts
  • go together
  • pronoun and possessive practice
  • sequencing practice
All of the centers are fun and hands-on, kids will love them.

 Shark Push In Centers 
Shark Push In Centers 
Shark Push In Centers

Monday, 16 March 2020

Phonemic Awareness

Fun and Functional Phono 

This is a fun and functional pack that can be used for centers in your class or speech therapy to keep the students phonological and phonemic awareness skills sharp.
There are 49 pages that you can mix and match (use in different ways) that target:
  • beginning sounds
  • middle sounds
  • final sounds
  • identify the sounds
  • segment the word
  • change the sound
  • identify the digraph
  • and identify the blend
You can use the first pages of cards for many different purposes- to identify the beginning, ending or middle sounds, segmenting and/or cvc words. You can laminate and use as a center, or cut each picture up individually and use the b&w sheet as the answer sheet.
Use the change the sound sheets as mats for centers. The students only need to change one sound- wither the first sound or last, most of the sounds that change are the beginning sounds. You will want to go over the pictures so that the students know the vocabulary.

 Fun and Functional Phono 
Fun and Functional Phono 
Fun and Functional Phono

We were on a break!

We're on a break! This time this phrase means something a little different!
These are uncertain times. Parents, teachers and students are wondering when school will be back in?
In Alberta, we have heard not until September!?!? I hope that isn't so... but I guess we will see. 

Until then I have made some parent-friendly products free! 
Just click, download and then leave me a review. Hope you like them! 

 Play-doh Association Mats 

Parents- you can talk about the items, have your child pick the 2 that go together and have them explain how they go together
Help them to explain why the items are related if they are having trouble. 
Remember to limit the number of questions you ask!

 Freebie- Fine Motor SKills 
Print off and have your child practice their fine motor skills. 
 Freebie- Fine Motor SKills 

Jar Categories 

Jar Categories- have your child put the items in the correct category. Label the category name and talk about other items in that group.

 Just Clip it! Beginning Sounds

Just Clip it! Beginning Sounds 

Talk about the first sound you hear in each item and then help them identify the corresponding letter.

With this product, they can practice verbs, pronouns and printing practice!


Stay safe, and hopefully, school is back to business as usual :)

Saturday, 14 March 2020

Free Self Regulation Poster

Self-regulation is an important skill for all people to use. It is the ability that helps us to control our behaviours/emotions to help us make the right decisions, rather than just doing what we want at the moment.
Here is a free poster to encourage self-regulation skills with the kids on your caseload.
The skills include practicing mindfulness, using breathing techniques, journaling, and more. There is a black and white version so that you can talk with your students about each of the skills. You can use this poster in your classroom or send home with parents. 
This poster is provided by Pathway 2 Success- take a look in her store for more classroom ideas :)


Sunday, 8 March 2020

7 Sacred Teachings

7 Sacred Teachings- Buffalo Respect 
 Do you work with a First Nation population?
Here are some ideas that increase the speech and language of children while respecting the First Nation culture. 
7 Sacred Teachings- Buffalo Respect 

This package is a starting point for children (aged 5-10) that targets traditional teachings and language targets. The first of the seven sacred teachings, also known as the Grandfather Teachings, is the Buffalo (a symbol of respect). In this pack, I use traditional items to teach language skills that we target in speech therapy. These targets are useful to know for the classroom as well as at home.
•This pack is meant to be used in conjunction with your traditional teachings and beliefs with the help of your elders. Feel free to change/add/modify the lessons to accommodate your beliefs are and the beliefs of the people in your area. It is important to seek out an elder to help teach students your language and to share stories.
This 69-page pack targets Respect- the Buffalo.
Included in this pack are activities on:
  • categories- traditional and non-traditional items
  • sorting vehicles, food, animals and clothing
  • prepositions
  • sensory bin items
  • Respect- what it looks like, how we can show it in our home, school and community. 
And much more!
 7 Sacred Teachings- Buffalo Respect