Monday, 30 November 2015

/k/ in the classroom

Many times I have had teachers ask me how to target a sound that many students in their class are not saying correctly and it got me thinking....
 K in the Classroom

A little bit of background- I live in northern Alberta and here services are provided through the health region or they contract private speech services. The health region provides services to schools (free the cost is covered by the Alberta Government) but there are so many schools and students that need services that some schools only receive a few months of service per year. This means that SLP time is at a premium and we need to start targeting some goals in the classroom. I know teachers are already busy and overworked so I wanted to make something easy for them to use, and print so it would be more likely that they would use it and their students would benefit from it. I wanted the pack to be clear and laid out step by step but also to have educational benefit. 

I came up with this idea that can be given to teachers and worked on in the classroom. Each activity is designed to need little prep and be carried out in just a few minutes.
I am planning on making a few more that target common errors like /s/, /sh/, ...? 

Do you have any ideas of a sound that you would like me to target? Comment below!

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Cyber Monday Sale 2015: What’s In Your Cart? Linky

What's in your cart linky party

1080 × 1080 

Cyber Monday Sale 2015: What’s In Your Cart? Linky

It's Sale Time again and I am Linking up with The Speech Room News!

Here are  few items from my store!
 Pronouns- Receptive and Expressive Activities

 Vocabulary- Associations, What Doesn't Belong, and Categorization

Elf  Speech & Language Activities

Here is what is in my cart!!!

1.Cycles for Speech Therapy FCD
Gold Country SLP has this cycles approach for highly unintelligible children! I need it and can't wait to see how the kids progress!

2.Interactive Articulation FLIP BOOKS For /prevocalic r, ar,
I need this for one of my online therapy students! /r/ here we come!

3.Speech-Language Therapy Explanation Handouts for Parents &
If there ever was a way to save time and reduce frustration, I think this is it!! Thank you! Can't wait to copy this again and again!!!

Dollar Store Idea!!

Dollar Store!

Are all of you out there trying to provide engaging, quality therapy on a budget? Me too!!

My first stop is the $$ store (my second is Walmart!). Recently I found a cute way to get my early language learners to talk using foam stickers.
These little guys are small so they love to have the control over the stickers and the freedom to make arts and crafts the way they choose so you can even use this activity as reinforcement. 

I found these farm themed stickers and use them to have the kids make a picture. While they are decorating, I talk about the animals, their attributes, and so on...
To get them talking I do a lot of leaving of the ends of there is no pressure on the little guys!
They are happy, I am happy and get them talking! It's a win win!!


Thursday, 26 November 2015

Phonemic awareness- Lakeshore Learning

Fill in the Blank Phonemic Awareness Product 

Recently I purchased this product from LL. I love working on phono! 

A few years ago I was part of a program where an SLP was doing research on kindergartners. She was researching  to see if kindergarten ages children, who had severe speech and language skills, were able to make speech progress by following a phonemic awareness program. 

I provided the treatment for the program & I worked with 5, 5 year old children for 20 hours, in 30 minute sessions. At the end of the program, not only were the children able to read, but they had also made progress in their speech skills. This was amazing progress considering they had previously been PUF kids (in Canada these children have (both) severe speech & language skills and qualify for funding for an aide).

The program targeted segmenting, blending, deleting and manipulating phonemes. I like this LL product because it has a lot of ideas and activities that were useful with that program. They help build a good foundation of strong reading  skills.

This product contains many activities that would have been useful when I was providing that program! It contains an activity on rhyming, beginning sounds and ending sounds. It also comes in a handy tin case and uses magnets! The tin case is sturdy, which I love!!

What products do you use to help your reading/phono kids?


Saturday, 21 November 2015

Speech Sound Desk Reminder

Hey Everyone!

Happy Saturday! I have been super busy lately...I am working with 5 schools and also have on-line clients so I haven't been able to post as much as I normally do...
I love the internet! There are so many useful resources and ideas out there, what did we do before??!!
Oh my gosh, good thing I wasn't in the speech world back then....

I have a few kids who need a reminder to keep producing their sound in the classroom. You know those kids! The one who is at 100% in conversation and then as soon as he steps out of the speech room BAM it's, gone!! UGH, frustrating. I made these templates for those kids: first they can decorate them and then place them on their desk or if they are more comfortable they can take them home and put them on the fridge. You can also turn this into a quick activity as you introduce the sound they are working on.

It is free now and forever so take a look, follow my shop and leave me some feedback. What do you use to promote carryover for your students? 
Comment below!


Monday, 16 November 2015

Pronoun Clip Cards

I made these cute clip cards for speech therapy but you can also use them as a center activity or writing task cards in the classroom. 
I found these cute little mustaches at the Dollar Store! They are so cute and I know the kids will love them! If a few get broke or lost- no biggie because there were 5 in pack!
I hope you like them!~
Only $1 in my store~


Sunday, 15 November 2015

Favorite Speech Videos- part 4

The Dreaded /r/ 

I have a client who can make the /r/ sound but its is a little hollow- you know that kid. On a 1-10 scale its about a 4- just about there but not quite, so I went searching on the internet. I found a lot of little r tricks to help out my guy!!
I found this video and it is a 3 part series and it really helped strengthen my guys /r/ sound.
Take a look and tell me what you think...?

Thank you Alida Engel

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Interactive Book

My First Interactive Book

A few weekends ago, you can tell by the pumpkin, I got all of all my craft supplies and made my first interactive book. It's a community helpers book by Alison floors. She did a guest blog post on her favorite therapy materials a while back! 

I have been hearing all the hype about these interactive books and wanted to try one for myself. I looked around and found one that I really liked. Allison's Community Helpers Interactive book  has really cute graphics and has a lot of activities in it. It has a small fold-able reader & also has a following directions segment to use with the interactive book.

 **the interactive book, the PDF includes:
- 16 “who” cards
- 9 “what” cards
- 9 “when” cards
- 9 “why” cards
- “Where” mini-book with fill-in blanks
- Matching community helpers to their work location worksheet
- 18 “Who am I?” inference cards
- 1 reinforcer activity to use with flash cards
- 1-step, 2-step, and 3-step directions for student to follow using the interactive book
- Work on categorization skills by sorting people/vehicles/items into correct scenes

 Interactive Book: Community Helpers
 I am really looking forward to using this with some of my kids!!

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Winter Pack

 Winter Speech Pack

Check out my new Winter Pack! 
Included are activities for pronouns, beginning, ending and middle sounds, categorization and following directions! It is free but not for long!

 Winter Speech PackWinter Speech PackWinter Speech Pack
 Remember to follow my shop because almost all of my products are free for the first day!


I am so excited!! I made my own app!!

And it's free!!

 iPhone Screenshot 2

  Who knew, technologically inept me??? Well it was pretty easy... but anyway! There are some really cool freebies on it and ways to contact me for private speech therapy and a great deal too! Check it out here on Google Play and iTunes!
iPhone Screenshot 1 




I can't wait to figure out how to add more things to it! 


Monday, 9 November 2015

My Favorite Therapy Materials - Guest Blog Post

Alison Fors is an SLPA & I really liked the products from her store so I contacted her and asked her to do a guest blog post for me. She said... yes!! Thank you!!

Allison Fors - I have been working as a speech-language pathology assistant since 2011. I have primarily worked in pediatrics with diagnoses of autism, Down syndrome, and developmental delays. In addition, I have worked with grades K-12 in schools.

Thank you Allison!!! Check out her shop and she has posted a flash freebie!

{FLASH FREEBIE} Fall Object Function

My Favorite Therapy Materials
I love exchanging favorite therapy tools with fellow speech therapistsHere are some of my favorites that are inexpensive, reach a broad age spectrum, and can be adapted for many kids and goals
 iPhone Screenshot 1

This app is amazing – it’s extremely functional and interactive.You are able to explore and manipulate everything in this detailed doll houseJump on the trampoline, grow carrots, put a different CD in the music player, blow bubbles, or feed the fish! The options and language opportunities are endless. 
I’ve targeted just about every goal with this app: vocabulary, actions, following directions, verb tenses, plurals, pronouns, prepositions, sentence structure, sequencing, and discussing/acting out social routines and scenarios. It also works as a fantastic reward, in which you can easily continue reinforcing concepts!
I have yet to meet a child who does not like this game. I’ve used it with kids anywhere from 2-10 years old. There are also My Play Home Stores and My Play Home School apps. All connect to each other and the people and items are accessible within each separate appIt’s really fun to walk out of the house and down the street to the school or stores. Go buy new clothes, walk home and put them in the closets!
The apps costs $3.99 but there is a free version (My Play Home Lite) if you wish to download it first to check it out. The Lite version is also a great option for parents to download and use at home for carryover. 

Sensory Bins
 Image result for sensory bins

Sensory bins are a tactile experience in a container usually filled with beans, rice, noodles, beads, corn or sand. They are extremely easy to make. I like to use Sterilite plastic bins with lids, but you can use any container and any size. Then add any filler and any objects – toys, spoons, strainers, plastic eggs, rakes. You can make them themed for the time of year or for a particular unit. There are tons of sensory bin ideas online if you need inspiration.
I love sensory bins because they are different from anything else I use in therapy and easily make a boring activity fun with minimal preparation. I have used sensory bins for tiny ones targeting joint attention – playing with me, making eye contact, imitating actions (scooping, shaking, etc), or practicing simple verbs (in, out, open, close). I use them for older kids as well by hiding items to find – for example, articulation cards, toy people to practice pronouns, or wind-up toysIf you haven’t yet, try out a sensory bin in therapy!

 Image result for puppets
Puppets may seem like a tool for young children only but I’ve been surprised at how well they have worked with school-aged children by helping build rapport or addressing difficult things you may not want to bring direct attention toKeep in mind you can use not just puppets, but any stuffed or favorite toys (e.g. angry birds, Mario/Luigi, Minecraft, princess dolls, car). Here are some examples of how I use puppets:
Selective mutism/shy children:  Puppets have helped me connect with children who are reluctant to talk and play. Talking to a child via a puppet, or giving them a puppet to communicate (pointing, nodding, talking) with can be less intimidating for them. I have even had children bring their favorite stuffed toy to our session and will talk to the toy instead of directly to the child (e.g. “Minnie Mouse, where is the lion?”).
Stuttering: I use puppets to give examples of “smooth” and “bumpy” speech, and then I have the child identify the type of speech themselves and teach the puppet strategies for fluent speechAnother strategy is allowing them to talk vicariously through a puppet, which may take pressure off of them and help reduce disfluent speech. 
Social skills: Using puppets to act out social situations can be a good way to teach pragmatics without negatively singling out the child’s social skills. Demonstrate good and poor social behaviors and interactions, and have them use a puppet as well to role play and practice social routines! 

Pop-Up Pirate! Game 

This is a very simple, exciting game by Tomy that I use as a motivator and pair with a typically boring activity, like drill work. For example, answer a question and then take a turn. In this game there is pirate inside a barrel. You take turns putting colorful swords in the slots of the barrel. According to the game rules, if the pirate pops up on your turn then you’re out. Often times I just mark the end of the game when the pirate pops up – they always find it hilarious!  

Thanks again, Allison!! :)

Allison & Mindy!

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Favorite Videos- part 3

Ten Tips to Help Speech Delayed Children

Favorite Videos part 3
This is one of my fave videos that I'm posting. There is a lot of information out there and I wanted to go and share it with SLP's, educators, and parents. We all need help with ideas, resources and information so I thought I would put it all in one place. Now, if you are like me, you don't have a lot of time but you might have a minute or two to freshen up your skills....
If you are a parent watch this!!

I really like this video because it basically sums up what you parents (and SLP's) can do with children who have a speech delay.
It is very quick and to the point but all of the information is important.
I would encourage parents to watch it, focus on perfecting 1 skill for a day or two with their child,and then watch the video again and focus on a different skill.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

My First App

My First App is an app for small children that targets categorization. Children are able to sort through  toys and then sub categorize within each category. Transportation, balls and toys are available on the free version. There are many more categories on the paid version which is $3.49.

 I like this up because it's very simple for children and it works on vocabulary and categorization. I did have a hard time maneuvering some of the items so I'm sure if I had trouble small children would probably have trouble too. Although, other people have noted that their small children used the app with ease.

I especially like the transportation page because you can sub categorize. You can categorize the  items to land, air and sea. This is a great extra step for helping little ones with categorization and vocabulary skills.

It has very cute graphics that would be so cute for small children.

I did like this app! What do you think?
Disclaimer- I have not been compensated in anyway for review of this app and the opinions are strictly my own.


Monday, 2 November 2015

The Speech Jar

Speech Jar 

 The Speech Jar

Have you ever heard of The Key Jar? 
The jar is a good way for families to elicit conversation. You print off and cut out the questions & put them in a jar and then every night at suppertime, or whenever you want, one person pulls out a question and everyone at the table answers it. Check it out here!

Erin Waters introduced the idea on her blog and is has it on her TPT website for free. So I contacted her and asked her if I could use her idea to make a speech jar. She said yes! Thank you so much, Erin.
 I wanted to use the jars to come up with an idea for speech therapy on ways to elicit conversation, target social skills, turn taking, and target some language goals too. 

So I made my own speech jar for speech therapy!

Check it out! There are "wh" questions, phonological awareness goals, sequencing and more! And.... It's free!!
Tell me what you think of it below!