Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Parent Handouts for Summer

During the summer many kids are spending a lot of time with family and not in speech therapy which is totally understandable! I feel like we need to get the "speech" word out there. I want to help parents by giving them easy strategies that they can use everyday to increase the language skills of their little guys. I always laugh when parents are so proud of themselves by telling me they do flashcards with their kids! Kids learn best through play... I am not faulting them just pointing out that children can learn language by doing fun things that they are interested in, it doesn't have to look like a classroom.

I created a handout that is written in parent friendly vocabulary for everyday activities like going to the beach, park or during camping. The only place you can find this handout is on my website so be sure to check it out and pass on the link to any parents in need! Stick around and check out the other freebies here too!
If you use these handouts leave me some feedback in the comments section.

I hope you have sunny weather,


Monday, 27 June 2016

Articulation Carnival App

Articulation Carnival App!

What I liked:
*specific blends- for example instead of just r blends you could choose br, dr, fr, etc, which could target each child's goals specifically. This will save you time because you are not searching through all of the words that aren't pertinent to your student's goals.
* colorful and bright
*can insert notes.
*you can email session notes and data!!! It tells you exactly which words they said correctly and which were wrong.  Love this!! This makes therapy so easy!!! :)

What I would improve:
* I like that the games are interactive for the kids but they do take a little too long.
* I think $51.99 for all sounds is a little expensive. Each sound can range from $3.99- $8.49- a little expensive but it does include any blends.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Speech Igloo!

Build a Speech Igloo!

Last school year, I had several kids who were working on p, b, d and t sounds. I haven't worked on these sounds as much as I have s, l and the dreaded r so I need to hunt down some fun artic. activities!

Articulation Winter Craftivity: Build A Speech Igloo!  Ear

I found this build an igloo activity from SLP Tree. It is so cute and easy! I didn't even laminate- I just put it in a page protector and got out my play-doh!!! The kids covered up the word with play-doh after they said it! Easy Peasy!!! There are color and black and white pages that you can use for homework and she's included a blank page if you want to use your own words/targets!
Thank you, SLP Tree!

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Summer Speech and Language Pack!!!

Summer Speech and Language Pack

Do you need a quick activity pack for your summer clients or homework? I've made it! This pack has language- pronouns, possessives, following directions and articulation activities!!!
And it's only $2!

Friday, 10 June 2016



Isn't this the cutest book??

This was written by a friend who happens to be an SLP! Megan Stock, R.SLP,  created this series to provide adults (who don't have  any formal speech education) with valuable speech and language information to provide children with a story that will stimulate their sound awareness, sound production skills, and literacy development.
This book is part of the Sound Booster Series which have been designed to follow the natural progression of speech sound development, beginning with the sound in isolation then to vowels and words then phrases!

It is cute and very interesting for the little guys featuring lift up flaps...

and kid friendly pictures!
You can also use it to target common vocabulary items and with older children, conversation starters.

Megan has also worked on some other books including /p/, /w/, /n/, /t/ /d/  & /m/ sounds.
If you're interested in purchasing it for your caseload, or preschoolers, you can email her at

Great job Megan!

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Playdoh Category Mats-$1.50

I have a Trachers Notebook daily deal on  today. My Play-Doh category mats are on sale today for a $1.50. 

This is a really fun activity for preschooler and kindergarten kids to work on categorization and enhancing their vocabulary. At the top of the May are 2  main pictures and each targets a category.  The child will then cover all the items that belong in that category with Play-doh!
Very cute way to make vocabulary a little more fun with this hands-on activity!