Friday, 27 October 2017

Vocabulary and Fine Motor

Hey Everyone!!

Recently, I told you I am trying to incorporate a more holistic approach in my speech therapy sessions. I think it is important to target as many areas and meet as many needs of the child as I can. I work with students at rural, sometimes remote, communities that have high needs. |During speech therapy I have been trying to incorporate more fine motor skills in order to work on OT targets. Many of the schools I work at have limited outside resources and services so I want to make sure that my service is the best... My kids really need it and deserve it!

Many kids have to work on vocabulary because they haven't been exposed to a lot of language at home. I purchased this pack from Ms. Gardenia's Speech Room. Its called the Trace and Say Busy Book. I have been using it with my kids who are in preschool and kindergarten. 

It is great practice for fine motor skills and also to talk about vocabulary and categorizing! You can also talk about the attributes of each item.

Trace and Say Busy Book: Categories 

Monday, 23 October 2017

CVC Center- Segmenting

CVC Center    

I made a CVC center that is great for the classroom, spec. ed or speech.
The reason I made this one is it 
targets cvc words that you don't see often. Like -et, -og, -ip, -it and -un.

It has a recording sheet that you can use for your students for a little extra practice.

I hope you like it!


Monday, 16 October 2017

Sequencing Freebie

How to Make Hot Chocolate FREEBIE 

I really like this freebie for my older students. It is from Mandy Gregory.

Why, you ask? Well let me tell you!!

1.  It has a  page that you can describe some of the attributes of Hot Chocolate including how it smells and tastes. It is really great for the older kids to practice writing or if you are using it for younger kids you can just discuss it as a group.

2. There are black and white sequencing pictures that the kids can color (fine motor) and then explain the steps in speech or even take them home for extra practice. 

3. There is a large(er) color version that you could use.

4. There is a version that you can have the students write out the steps or for younger students you can just have them "talk it out."

5. Its Free!!! 

Thank you Mandy!!

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Fall Interactive Book

I have finally finished my first interactive book! Woo Hoo!

I really like them because you can use them with your students to target goals and they are learning while loving the books. I use them with speech students but you can also use them for spec. ed or have the students use them on their own, independently. The kids can even "read' them to a peer.
I have used others in the past and found that I wanted to make my own that targeted what I wanted. :)
 Fall Interactive Book

Take a look~I hope you like it!

Happy Thanksgiving Canada! As a gesture in recognition of Thanksgiving, if you email me by October 9,2017 I'll email you a free copy. Just follow my blog by signing up and I'll send you a copy!

Feeling Grateful!!

Monday, 2 October 2017

Vocabulary- Step 3

When targeting the vocabulary goal I target sorting. I like to use simple, interesting activities for students. Here is a quick video and activity that I use to help students work on being able to sort items. 


Here are some cute sorting items from my store:

Category Clips 

Jar Categories

Happy Speeching!