Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat

The Old Lady...again!
OK, so I know everyone and their dog has done an Old Lady Who Swallowed a ... but I am hoping  that mine are different! I have included more activities that are geared toward preschoolers!

In this pack I've included coloring pages, rhyming activities with printing or drawing, sequencing,
beginning sounds, roll and cover and more! As you can see, above I used some cute Halloween related manipulatives for  the roll and cover game. The roll and cover game can be used for any reinforcement or as a social skills game. 

Its free for a short time so get it quick and don't for get to follow my shop or store!


Friday, 25 September 2015

Severely Delayed Language Skills

Severe Language Delay- Week 3 

I've noticed lately that I am having a hard time finding relevant resources for students, especially older students, who have severely delayed language skills.
I am working on these weekly packages that are great for younger kids but I am going to start something for some older kids.
Any ideas? Anything you need or really want to see?
Leave a comment because I would love to hear what you think!

But until then.. you can get my new pack for $1 this weekend only!

Hope you like it!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Articulation Mats!

Articulation Mats 

Do you ever get tired of the same old articulation materials?
Me too! I decided to make some brightly colored materials for fall!

9 Articulation Mats for Speech Therapy
initial sounds-f, g, k, l, s and l blends, sh, and ch. 

r & th in all positions.

These mats are to be used in speech therapy for articulation practice. The students can say their target sound and cover a spot with a bingo chip or dauber after they have made a correct production. There are 10 examples on each page and 2 versions for each sound- /r/ and /th/ have more than 2 examples and the /th/ sound is in all positions. All other sounds are initial. At the end of the pack are 10 bw sheets you can send for homework or as a low ink alternative and used with articulation cards.

/f/-fish, fan, ferris wheel, full, photo, phone, fire, fireplace, farmer, fast.
/k/-camera, car, computer, kite, kitten, key, kettle, ketchup, cup, kitten.
/g/-goat, gift, girl, gopher, game, gum, gun, garbage man, gumballs, gold.
/l/- listen, line up, leaf, log, lollipop, lamb, ladybug, laptop, lantern, luggage.
/l/ blends-slam, plant, black, slim, plant, glass, Santa Claus, glue, sled, plum.
/s/ blends words- scar, snack, swim, slim, skate, stem, spin, student, skinny, stage. You can have the students use the phrase- the scar on the swing.
/th/-thin, thief, mouth, sloth, thermos, wreath, thorn, third, mouth, theater.
thumb, mouth, thin, thorn, thermometer, wreath, moth, bath, thermos, thief, theater.

 /sh/-ship, shop, sheep, chef, shovel, shell, short, shoe, she, shoulder.
/ch/-chalk, chimney, chicken, chocolate, church, chick, chest, cheese, cherry, chair.
/r/- rainbow, rain, ring, rocket, rose, red, river, rim, rings, rat
rabbit, rings, robot, roller skates, rose, red (bear), rain coat, run, rock, rat, rose.
Write, rabbit, run, rock, race car, rat, rain coat, ring, roller skates, wreath.
You can find them in my store here!

Cheers, Mindy

Friday, 18 September 2015

Work Time!


This is what it looks like in my office when I am getting ready for work! My little partner in crime sitting there waiting patiently for me to play, sing or read!

I have mixed feelings going back to work this September- I love my job and feel very grateful to have it but I also have loved my time home with my littlest guy who was born on New Year's Eve!
How have you felt about September!?

Here are a few resources from my store that may help you out while you are busy getting back into the grove!

I've found some new resources for data and screens, keep an eye out for those posts!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Kindergarten Screening & Assessment

Well September is here (and half way finished!!) and we are all getting ready for our caseload by screening, and assessing the kiddo's!

I bought this K screen and assessment by Nicole Allison. I wanted to give a little feedback on it! FYI- I didn't use the assessment (I'm not an SLP but I do A LOT of screenings!) :)

First of all... WOW! She did  a lot of work and made it look lovely! So clear, simple and easy on the eyes! Nice fonts and picture!
This kit is also very comprehensive- it targets comprehension, phonological awareness, vocabulary, grammar and articulation!

 The downside to that is the assessment takes a long time- especially if you have a lot to do! In my neck of the woods, we have a high number of children who have severe language delays so the screening & assessing time takes at the very least, the whole month of September. What do you do in your area? I am open to new ideas!

My favorite thing about this pack is the Kindergarten student list! This sheet is super easy to look back on and see which kids need help with each area.
Thank you so much Nicole Allison from Speechpeeps!

The Rhyming Pack!
Happy Friday!!!
A week or so ago I posted my Rhyming Necklaces and now I've finished the complete Rhyming Pack!

Rhyming Pack

In it I've included dry erase activities, necklaces, mats, worksheets for practice printing rhyming words and drawing words that rhyme! 46 pages of everything you need to work on rhyming!
Follow my store to get almost all of my items free for the first 24 (or so) hrs.

Wowzers, right!?

Hope you have a fabulous Friday!


Monday, 14 September 2015

Talk Like a Pirate Day- Linky party


Ahoy, matey's!!!
 It's almost time for Talk Like a Pirate Day! It's on September 19th and I think it is a great way to bring some fun into speech and language therapy. This theme can really makethings  more fun, who doesn't love pirates?
Here are some fun resources that I've found and I thought I would share them with you! I'm also linking up with Tracy at The Gold Country SLP for her "Talk Like a Pirate Linky Party."

 Here is a book that is great for vocab from my store~!
It will be free for the entire month of September!

Ahoy Matey- What do you see?
Some more freebies I've found are:

Print and Go Pirate-Themed Speech Seek and Language Look R 

This can be used for articulation or language! Great idea!
Thanks, Jessica!

Pirate Speech and Language Drill Sheet FREEBIE

Drill practice for speech or language! Thank you Panda Speech!

And another freebie from Panda Speech is this great 'ar' artic. sheet!
Talk Like a Pirate /ar/ FREEBIE: Speech Therapy/Articulation

On a game roll!

Hello Sunshine! 

Hello Sunshine!

If you've read my last few posts you see I'm shopping for the new school year...
Along the way I've found some really cool games!

Hello Sunshine is really cool game that teaches following direction and concepts for little guys!
You or your little guy choose a card and then hide the sunshine and then the other person goes to find it and tells where they found it! You can adjust it to your child's level and ability!
Great for expressive language!

Friday, 11 September 2015

Severe Language Delays

Hey Everyone!
Happy Saturday!

I work with many children who have severely delayed language skills and I am always looking for products that are easy enough for these little guys! Frankly, I haven't found anything that meets my needs so I decided to make what I needed.

My Weekly Concept packs include 2 concepts, 2 descriptive words, a story and a vocabulary target that change every week. I've also included step by step instructions on how to use the materials. Everything you need for an entire week of speech therapy. 

Severe Language Delay- Week 1 

This first pack contains in, one, dirty, clean and associations.
It is only $1 this weekend, so if you're interested, act fast!
Here is a little taste of what you'll see inside...

What do you use? Let me know!
Cheers, Mindy




I found a cool game that is great for school aged kids.
Its called Zingo! Teaches image and vocabulary recognition, matching, memory, concentration, and social interaction.
I came up with some other ideas...
Using the tiles, have the children describe the item, its attributes, and the category it comes from... You can basically target any language goal that you can think of!
For phonological awareness you can have the students rhyme a word with it, identify the beginning sound, segment the word into its individual sounds, the skies the limit!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Roll & Play

Roll & Play!
Here is a new game I've found for preschoolers! Actually young ones from the age 18+ months can play with it! 
This would be a great game to encourage language and get interaction going!
You roll the die, then pull a card with the corresponding color,  and then act out the card with your little guy or gal!
There are 48 cards that include actions, colors, animal sounds, counting, body parts and emotions!
This game is fun and all my small people LOVE IT, especially throwing the big die!

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Rhyming Necklaces

I like working on rhyming but I get a little tired of working on it the same old way so that got me thinking...How can I make it fun!? I think its important to get the kids up and moving too, then they don't get so antsy plus it just makes learning fun. 
I came up with using necklaces and having people pairing up. there would be a group of 3- 1 rhyme leader and 2 with rhyme pictures that match the rhyme. Alternatively you can use them as mats for a literacy center!
Remember everything is free for the first 24 hrs!