Friday, 6 June 2014

Speech at the beach

This is a picture of how I use an activity from a new product of mine speech at the beach. I place pictures of the kids on the table and then give a direction to follow. There are 2 pictures of boys and 2 of girls and then with 3 children. For example, I will say give her shells and give him a purple shell. Or give him a small ice cream and give them the large ice cream. You can tailor it to target whatever the child needs to work on using just 1 or 2 pronoun pictures or more!

This activity targets so many skills at one time.
- following multi-step directions
- listening for pronouns
- listening for plurals 
- listening for details

It also includes:
• Initial /k/ artic cards
• Printing practice for initial k cards
• concepts
• Pronoun practice
• Plurals
• A home reader
• Sequencing practice
• Comprehension activity
• Coloring pages

I included a home reader with comprehension answers at the end which include pictures for visual prompts.

I hope you like it!


Thursday, 5 June 2014



Hey Everyone!
Well summer is almost here and I think we all need a break, I know I do!
I will be taking some time off but I will be back in August, so check out some back to school posts then.

Until then check out one last product of mine!
Summer, Summer, What Do You See?

Summer, Summer What Do You See?

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Talk to you soon!

Enjoy a happy and safe summer!