Tuesday, 3 April 2018

How to make learning Verbs fun!

Working on verbs are a big thing in grammar and for speech therapy. I want to make it fun so I came up with a couple ideas.

Use videos:

Here are some of my favourite verb products:

 Say, Write & Wipe- Verb Tenses!          
 NO Prep-Making Verbs FUN!   

Everything You Need for Verbs

Hands-On Grammar Bundle

Lyndsey Kuster has some really great, unique and fun ideas in this bundle! I highly recommend!
She has some technology ideas as well as some hands on (act out the verb) ideas!

Friday, 23 March 2018

Spring Parent Handout

Hey everyone!

It seems like it's been a while! I have been so crazy busy! I wanted to catch up with you before spring break and give you a handout that you can give to your caseload! I made this spring handout and it has some really cute activities in if for families and ways they can increase language learning opportunities. Now to be real, some of these activities won't work in Alberta- we got about 2 feet of snow last night- ugh! so we won't be looking at gardens or flowers for a little while! YUCK!

Well, I'm gonna go shovel, and you enjoy your weekend!


Friday, 16 March 2018

Category Sort

I bought this Category Sorting Activity from Janelle Publishing
Students can build their vocabulary skills by classifying items, naming categories, choosing items based on function and attributes and sorting. In the pack there are 50 realistic 3-D objects that fit into 10 categories: animals, people, toys, food, things to wear, baby items, vehicles, tools, musical instruments, and eating utensils. 
You can also expand their vocabulary skills by describing attributes,  the function of items, their location, or associated objects. 
I really like it because, well, all the kids love it! Anytime you have hands on, toys, they are excited! Let's get away from the worksheets, even if just for a bit :)

Here's what I do:

  • I will put things from certain categories in a bin and have them label the category.  
  • I will put two things from different groups in the bin and ask what they have in common. 
  • You can also talk about why the items are different.
  • I will leave a bin empty and ask them to find 3 things you eat, wear, make music, or animals, etc. 
  • put 2 things that are associated and explain why they go together- example: a fish and a boat because they both go in the water.
  • Put all items that are big/small, or a certain color in the bin. 
  • then you can also use the little bin for prepositions: put it in the bin, in front, under, behind, beside, etc.   

It was $50 from Janelle Publishing but if you don't want to spend the money- go on the hunt for your own items :)

Monday, 12 March 2018

St. Patricks Pronoun Activity

{FREE} St. Patrick's Day Pronoun Roundup    

Hey Everyone!

How has your year been?  Isn't it just flying by?!  I am working with so many kids trying my best to make a difference in their lives ... and skills!

Many students I work with have trouble with pronouns.  I work with many First Nation Schools and in Cree language, they don't use pronouns the way we do in English. This means many of my kids goals include pronouns. I like to do something that can drive the idea home for everyone.

For my in class (entire class) activities I like this free activity I found from Catherine Reed- The Brown Bag Teacher.

It is a nice way to review pronouns for the class.
My gift to you a free activity that requires no prep and very little prep!
Use it for an entire day! 
May the luck of the Irish be with you!

Wednesday, 7 March 2018


#MarSLPMUSTHAVE2018 House, House What Do You See? 

The #MARSLPMUSTHAVE2018 product is my House, House, What Do You See Book!

 #MarSLPMUSTHAVE2018 House, House What Do You See?
It is a really cute little book that works on categorizing items in the home and can be used as a home ready for your beginning readers.
Best part? It's only 50 cents!
Yip, that's right, 50 cents!

 #MarSLPMUSTHAVE2018 House, House What Do You See?

 Can't really go wrong, can you?

Enjoy!  :)

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Speech In Alberta

Speech Language Therapy works a little differently in Alberta than it does in the US. We do not have an SLP at every school. Actually schools are very lucky if they have their own SLP- that's just not how funding works here. In Northern Alberta, were lucky if an SLP lives in the town/area!

In Alberta, most speech services to provided to public schools are provided through the Provincial Government- Alberta Health Services-the provincial Health Region. This service is provided at no direct cost to the school. But the schools only get the service that the health region can provide. There are a lot of schools and a huge caseload so they don't usually get a lot of direct one on one therapy, more universal strategies. 

The First Nation Schools receive funding through the Federal government to hire their own private services. The First Nation Schools don't receive services through the provincial government. They contract services from private SLP's and services like mine, Creating Communicators. 

I provide speech language and occupational services. I go into schools screen, assess and then provide program implementation. I also provide one on one therapy, as well as group and classroom activities. I work with staff to educate and train how they can provide a language rich environment in their classroom.  I have 3 SLP's, and 2 OT's and I am in the process of hiring another SLP-A.

I really love my job and it is so fulfilling! I love working with kids- they are so fun and entertaining. I love it when I can make a difference and increase their language skills, and hopefully confidence.  I also have a problem with resources- I have too much stuff. I have games, and tons of speech stuff in my house. I need a personal organizer or I may be on an upcoming episode of Hoarders! 

I love spreading the "Speech Word!"

Sunday, 25 February 2018

St. Patty Day Freebie

Hey Everyone!

I love freebies, especially on TPT. You could look and search and have almost everything  you need without paying. Who doesn't love freebies, I do for sure!!
Need a few quick freebies for St. Patty's Day -or for the week?

Here are some freebies from my store!

A home reader for your beginning readers!

 Leprechaun Home Reader 

Activities for your speech and language caseload

March Speech and Language Package 

And a month worth of activities to facilitate language at home!
March Language Activities