Saturday, 23 March 2019


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Recently, I had two kids with a lateral lisp, and they were in grade 5 and 6. They had been at a different school, and apparently, nothing had worked because their /s/ sound was BAD. It was so bad that they even wanted to work on it. (Having them motivated at this age is half the battle!!!) 

I went looking around because I wanted success. I found"Correct that Lisp" from the Pedi SPeechie- so I gave it a try and you know what?! It worked! I have 2 kids that are at spontaneous phrase with over 90% accuracy! When my SLP supervised me- she was amazed. I am super pumped, the kids are so happy and proud of their accomplishment! 

If you need some help on the lateral or frontal list- check it out!


Lisp | Speech Therapy | S Articulation | Speech and Language Therapy

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

March Freebie

March Speech and Language Package  

Here are some freebies that you can use for March!

Featured here is a language pack, a home reader and a language calendar that you can send home for homework!

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Leprechaun Home Reader

March Language Activities

Saturday, 2 March 2019

Shhh! I've Got an Idea- March

Every month, near the beginning of the month, I am going to do a blog post on shhh! I've got an idea for you. It will give you an idea for therapy or the classroom that features a paid or free item that you can use. Hopefully, you haven't thought of before, and you find it useful.

For March I am doing a freebie from Allison Fors. It is her free Farm Interactive book that you can use for language goals but for AAC's as well. I like to use it to target concepts. "Put the XX by the barn."
AND check out her store for awesome clip art :)

"FREE farm themed interactive book targeting various speech and language goals.
The interactive book contains 3 scenes (the farm, inside the barn, and the farm at night) with 10 farm themed pieces.
The book allows you to flip through the scenes and move the pieces onto the pages. Use to work on vocabulary, prepositions, increasing MLU, or incorporate any of the below skills.

Use the interactive book to practice receptive skills by giving 1-2 step directions.

15 WH question cards

9 inference cards. Cut then fold in half.

9 category cards

Use as a reinforcer game (with bingo chips or dot markers) for 10 trials with the WH questions, inference, or category cards."

FREE Farm Interactive Book Speech Therapy

Thursday, 28 February 2019

CVC Word Building

CVC Words center your students will LOVE that provides a lot of CVC word reading practice!

Students choose a CVC card and then they

  • segment it,
  • talk about the beginning sound,
  • produce a rhyming word,
  • write it and then
  • build it.

So many skills in one- to target language you can talk about the category name of the item, label its parts, name things that are associated with it.. the possibilities are endless!

There are CVC words included, but you can also add your own, or use non-sense words.


If you want to buy this on amazon 
here it is :)

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Sale Time

Download for Facebook - 740 × 400
Sale time is coming up so check out my store for some great deal on my best sellers :)

Teaching Concepts and Sequencing- First, Next, Last, Befor 

Camper, Camper, What Do You See 

Spring Speech & Language Package 

Play-doh Category Mats

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Speech Therapy Motivation

Goal Getters: Speech Therapy Clip Chart

Hey Everyone!

How are things in your speech world? I am doing well, super busy! Just trying to keep my head afloat with all of the different areas I serve- schools, daycare and headstarts :)
I have a problem, it's with resources! I have too many, but I keep looking for more! You need to keep things fresh, and even though the kids aren't tired of the same of pics or games, I am! So, on the TPT and Pinterest hunt, I go... :)

If you are in the speech world, you are probably the same way.
Don't forget to look at my month "SHH! I've Got An Idea" blog post to find some more hidden gems and ideas :)

Recently I found this!
Love it! It's inexpensive, easy to make, cute as heck and the kids love it. It was super motivating for my kids! :) 
It is made by A Perfect Blend, she has super cute products, check out her store!  PS- LOVE her fonts ;)

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Higher Level Language

Need something to work with your older caseload, to help them be more functional in the classroom? Well, look no further! For 6 Bucks you can have everything you need for at least a month! I've made my own pack that takes you through the hierarchy of supporting our kids from completing a thought, using descriptive words, and being able to completely describe a picture using the Visualizing and Verbalizing structure words.

 Higher Level Language- Speech Therapy

Higher Level Language- Speech Therapy 

Observing & Describing  
V & V Structure Cards