Monday, 16 October 2017

Sequencing Freebie

How to Make Hot Chocolate FREEBIE 

I really like this freebie for my older students. It is from Mandy Gregory.

Why, you ask? Well let me tell you!!

1.  It has a  page that you can describe some of the attributes of Hot Chocolate including how it smells and tastes. It is really great for the older kids to practice writing or if you are using it for younger kids you can just discuss it as a group.

2. There are black and white sequencing pictures that the kids can color (fine motor) and then explain the steps in speech or even take them home for extra practice. 

3. There is a large(er) color version that you could use.

4. There is a version that you can have the students write out the steps or for younger students you can just have them "talk it out."

5. Its Free!!! 

Thank you Mandy!!

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Fall Interactive Book

I have finally finished my first interactive book! Woo Hoo!

I really like them because you can use them with your students to target goals and they are learning while loving the books. I use them with speech students but you can also use them for spec. ed or have the students use them on their own, independently. The kids can even "read' them to a peer.
I have used others in the past and found that I wanted to make my own that targeted what I wanted. :)
 Fall Interactive Book

Take a look~I hope you like it!

Happy Thanksgiving Canada! As a gesture in recognition of Thanksgiving, if you email me by October 9,2017 I'll email you a free copy. Just follow my blog by signing up and I'll send you a copy!

Feeling Grateful!!

Monday, 2 October 2017

Vocabulary- Step 3

When targeting the vocabulary goal I target sorting. I like to use simple, interesting activities for students. Here is a quick video and activity that I use to help students work on being able to sort items. 


Here are some cute sorting items from my store:

Category Clips 

Jar Categories

Happy Speeching!

Monday, 25 September 2017

Associations- Step 2

When  I am working on the vocabulary goal I target associations first.  I start with toys and then move on to pictures. Here is a quick video for step 2 on working on associations. 

Keep an eye out for more video tutorials!
 Here is the product I used in the video.

 Play-doh Association Mats


Thursday, 21 September 2017


A quick video tutorial on how I like to target Associations!  


I went out on a limb and made some video tutorials. It is difficult to watch yourself, so please be kind. I am not perfect. :)

In September, I start treatment with Vocabulary because it is a good starting point for therapy. Most of the kids I treat need more exposure to language and vocabulary is a great place to start. Step 1 when working on vocabulary is associations. Here is a great way to target associations in the class and therapy using materials that are in most classrooms. :)

Happy Speeching!

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Concept Bundle

 I have a lot of schools that need help and I am trying to organize and plan my year.  I am picking a topic and working on it for an entire month. I have worked on Vocabulary and Articulation. Recently I finished my concept bundle.  It contains my Concepts Step by Step and My Teaching Concepts and  Sequencing packs.  You can also purchase them separately but why would you when you can save :)

There are so many activities packed into my concepts step by step pack. I have trace cards, mini fold able books, a matching center and following direction mats. I made it more hands on so that the kids can remain focused longer. I also gave task cards for you to use with toys. Just get out the manipulatives and/or toys you need and follow the instructions on the task card. You can keep data on the specific concepts on the data sheet that is included and you can easily see which concepts are remain difficult for your little guys. 

I hope you like it!