Thursday, 4 March 2021

AAC - Core Words


Here is a pack to help parents target Core Words at home!


Included are activities that promote literacy skills!


Saturday, 27 February 2021

Speech and OT Activity



This activity would go great with articulation practice :)

Here is an s blends freebie from my store. 


Wednesday, 24 February 2021





And the great thing about these products are they are easy to prep and they also target fine motor skills. 

How to make learning ANYTHING easier...

Here are some nice tips for parents and teachers!

Saturday, 6 February 2021


 Here are some tips for Teacher Aides working at schools or parents of children who aren't speaking much (late talkers) and anyone working in childcare settings. 

Friday, 5 February 2021

R blends

 R blends can be tricky- especially that darn /r/!!

I found a FREE resource to help with the awareness of sound while incorporating print. It is from Tara West. Now how doesn't love Little Minds at Work resources? I know I do!! And the best part is this resource is free! I love Tara West products!

About the product:

This is a free preview of my Primary Blends and Digraphs Curriculum!
Snag the entire curriculum* * * HERE * * * This is ZIPPED FILE and most likely will not download onto a phone. This file contains interactive books and games and will need to be downloaded onto a computer or similar device! You can "wishlist" it so you don't forget it before returning home!

What is PrimaryBlendsandDigraphs Curriculum?

PrimaryBlendsandDigraphs was created by a teacher for teachers! This supplemental phonics curriculum is made up of 20 weeks or 100 instructional days. PrimaryBlendsandDigraphs is a researched based explicit supplemental curriculum program. The teacher has 100 directed teacher lesson plans to follow and all needed material for the lesson to be a success is included. Furthermore, PrimaryBlendsandDigraphs is systematic curriculum program. This simply means that the students follow the same routine each week. Please note that you can change the order of the blends and digraphs to fit your needs. There are also opportunities for your advanced readers to benefit from PrimaryBlendsandDigraphs with an advanced reader available each week as well. Below is a quick description of how each day of the week is broken down.


Please note that you can change the order of the blends and digraphs to fit your needs. There are also opportunities for your advanced readers to benefit from PrimaryBlendsandDigraphs with an advanced reader available each week as well. Below is a quick description of how each day of the week is broken down.

How can I use this program?

PrimaryBlendsandDigraphs can be used as part of your guided reading lesson, RTI lesson, intervention lesson, whole-group phonics or used for a para or aide to assist in the learning process!

What does a week of PrimaryBlendsandDigraphs look like?

Monday: introduce the skill, display the skill poster, read together the skill poem, search for skill-based words within the poem, sort the skill cards, practice with fluency cards, independent practice

Tuesday: review the skill, reread the skill poem, resort the skill cards, build the words with magnets, independent practice

Wednesday: review the skill, auditory skill work, skill interactive reader, build skill words with magnets, independent practice

Thursday: review the skill, auditory skill work, skill flashcards, word family interactive reader, skill based generator partner practice sheet, independent practice

Friday: review the skill with the interactive game, skill flashcards, skill assessment, student easy reader

What is included in PrimaryBlendsandDigraphs?

-20 weeks of EXPLICIT teacher scripted lesson plans (5 days of lesson plans per week)
-20 printable easy readers and 20 advanced readers (black/white and color versions)
-20 INTERACTIVE easy readers and 20 advanced readers
-Daily practice sheets
-Weekly skill posters
-Weekly skill flashcards
-Weekly skill sorts
- 20 Home Connection Newsletters
- 20 Home Connection practice sheets

What skills/words are covered?

Week 1: (Beginning L Blends) clam, blimp, flag, glad, plug, slide
Week 2: (Beginning L Blends) clock, block, floss, globe, plant, slipper
Week 3: (Beginning R Blends) brush, crust, drip, frog, grin, print
Week 4: (Beginning R Blends) broke, crown, drive, frame, grade, trunk
Week 5: (Beginning S Blends) scar, skip, smell, snack, spot, stem
Week 6: (Beginning S Blends) scarf, skunk, smile, snow, spill, swam
Week 7: (Ending L Blends) belt, self, milk, help, wolf, old
Week 8: (Ending L Blends) cold, melt, shelf, walk, gulp, bolt
Week 9: (Ending T Blends) left, lift, slept, act, sift, erupt
Week 10: (Ending T Blends) craft, raft, wept, insect, swept, reflect
Week 11: (Blend Review) clam, block, frog, grade, spot, belt
Week 12: (th) bath, math, path, this, thin, them
Week 13: (sh) fish, rash, bush, ship, shell, shot
Week 14: (ch) chin, chest, bench, lunch, inch, chip
Week 15: (wh) whisk, whisker, wheat, whale, wheel, whisper
Week 16: (ph) photo, phone, trophy, dolphin, elephant, gopher
Week 17: (kn) knock, knob, knight, knot, knit, knife
Week 18: (wr) wrap, wreck, wrench, wreath, wrist, write
Week 19: (ck) back, pack, sick, duck, sock, neck
Week 20: (Digraph Review) chin, math, fish, whisk, phone, duck

I already own several of your other programs. How is this different? Do I really need this?

That last question is ultimately your decision. However, I can do my part in best explaining how this program can be used and how it differs from my other programs! This program explicitly teaches JUST digraphs and blends! My other programs (KinderPhonics and FirstiePhonics do cover blends and digraphs but not in the exact format of my KinderWordFamilies! Furthermore, this program offers great benefits and excitement with the interactive components! Those can be used alongside any curriculum program!

Monday, 18 January 2021

Amazon Toy Ideas

Since Covid-19 we have been spending a lot of time at home. We definitely don't want our children's speech and language skills to suffer so I'm giving a few ideas to you parents out there. Here are some ideas for games that can target socials skills, vocabulary, and language skills in a fun way. Kids will love playing them and you will too! 

I love this Feeding & Grooming pack from Melissa and Doug to help with simple verbs - eat, clean, sleep and for turn taking. It can be used for AAC too. It is great for our little guys who are at 1-2 word phrases. The kids love cleaning and feeding the kitty and puppy!

Stuck inside? Here is a great game for the entire family. And you can play it inside. It can be a great way to encourage and develop vocabulary skills. 

Melissa and Doug SMoothie Maker- my kids absolutely love this! They love making different varieties of smoothies. It is really good for kids working on s blends (smoothie) and you can use it to target easy concepts like in, on, full,  and empty. It is also an easy way to work on following directions. OT- it is really good to target fine motor by opening the plastic Ziploc type bag and putting the straw in the cup as well as opening and closing the cup and blender.

Love these little cans, again great for fine motor. You can also hide little items in the cans (find little items, you can use tiny trinkets or print off small pictures and put them in) For extra fine-motor practice you can have your child cut the pictures out. You can talk about the items you've hidden in them and explain their functions, where you find them, or even their first sound and find a word that rhymes with it. These cans can be great for little guys working on their /k/ sound, "what is in the can?"


Operation- great for fine motor skills and concepts. While your child is putting the item out of the dog you can narrate what they are doing - pulling it up, down, around, etc. You can also add a lot of information bout the items that are in the dog. 


Pickles to Penguins- Nice way to incorporate vocabulary skills while playing with the whole family.


Love this o game for OT. Get the kids up and moving like some fun animals! You can also use this to encourage vocabulary. skills.


A fun way to work on vocabulary with your younger kids at home!