Monday, 26 July 2021

AAC tool!


Here are some fun pics you can pair with your favourite sensory bin. These are great for your young caseload, nonverbal or AAC users. :)


Monday, 19 July 2021

Language at Home!


Are you struggling with keeping your child busy at home? This pack has black and white with no prep, along with colour activities that you can laminate.

There are hands-on activities for preschoolers that target:

  1. find items with certain qualities
  2. label items and their category
  3. nursery rhyme
  4. tracing letters
  5. identify numbers and letters
  6. colouring and cutting (for fine motor practice)
  7. printing practice- colour words, letters and numbers
  8. sorting category items

Enjoy this 13-page package and please remember to leave me kind feedback!

Mindy :)


Monday, 12 July 2021

Transportation Theme


This fun transportation-themed activity pack includes 27 pages of activities that can be used in therapy, small group work, centers or in the classroom.

This pack will help target vocabulary, categorization, describing, pronouns, and


Activities include:

: An interactive book that describes a vehicle and the child must choose an answer

: Pronoun activity which can also be used to target possessive's

: An activity that teaches ordinal concepts: first, next, last and before and after

: What goes together- choose two items that are related to each type of vehicle.

So many fun activities for boys and girls :)



Tuesday, 6 July 2021

CVC Centers


Here is a cute little center that you can use in class or at home to keep your child's skill level up or as a boost for school.

Here are 3 centers- 6 pages each. This is a quick, low prep product! I have included ideas on how to use the centers but if you have another idea, great! Change it up J

1. For the first center, you need magnetic or foam letters to build the CVC words. Alternatively, you can use it to identify the beginning, middle and ending sounds.

2. The second center is for writing the word and colouring the pictures.

3. The last center- you can cut apart the pictures and have the student match them, or you can fold the word and have them unfold it once they’ve read it. You can have them do this one with a partner.

Any questions email

Monday, 31 May 2021

Higher Level Language

Everything you need to support your students that are in grade 5+ in the classroom. The skills they will practice here will help with their writing, describing and comprehension.

To see what is all included, take a look here!

This 108-page bundle includes skills on

**Fast Drawing- when students draw out their writing idea to plan for essays, paragraphs, sentences, and stories.

**Observing and Describing

This observing & describing product is an excellent way for students grade 4 and up to practice essential skills in reading, observing, comprehending and making inferences. Observing, describing and making inferences are crucial skills for all readers. This product teaches this skill in 5 steps: choose words that describe the picture, generate your own describing words, creating descriptive words that are relevant to the picture to make the sentence more descriptive, then describe who, what, where, when and eventually why based on pictures, and then making inferences about pictures.

Step 1- choose from a series of words to best describe the picture.

Step 2- generate their own describing words based on the picture.

Step 3- add adjectives and other describing words to make the sentence (already provided) more exciting and descriptive.

Step 4- describe the pictures using what, where and when, then eventually why. Then they can use their words to create a descriptive sentence that describes the image.

Step 5- making inferences about pictures. Explaining what happened or will happen based on information from the picture.

**Visualizing and Verbalizing

Step-by-step directions to mastering visualizing and verbalizing.

Includes the 12 structure cue cards, and individual practice on each of the cues using real pictures.