Thursday, 14 January 2016

Pronoun Favourites

Hey Everyone! :)

I have a few favourite pronoun activities that I use often. I thought I would share some of the freebies I've found with you. 
But first, from my shop is a pronoun pack that is great for both receptive and expressive skills. You can ask questions and get the children to point or color the answers as well as use the target (he, she & they) in words and phrases.  You can also work on verbs with this activity- since they seem to go hand in hand ;)
 It is in my shop here!

The first is from The Dabbling Speechie! I just love Pronoun Fun with Ranger Rick and Susie! These would be super cute for a camping theme. I just love this clip art. It targets he, she and they. You can also use possessives with this activity.  You can find it here.

The other freebie is from Small Talk SLP. It's called Bubbles Verbs and it features pictures of girls and boys performing everyday activities. This activity is so great because you can tackle verbs at the same time!

Below is the bubbles page. You can cut out and laminate and use the bubble cut outs to place over the correct verb. I chose to do it a little differently. I use my little chipper chat wand. They can place the chipper chat on the correct verb when you have targeted it either receptively or expressively. The kids always love the chipper chat wand! You can find it on Super Duper Inc.

These are just a few of the fun things I like to use for targeting pronouns. What do you kike to use?



  1. Thanks for featuring my Bubbles Verbs activity! I'm so glad you find it useful! It's always fun to see how someone else uses my materials.

  2. I'm loving the Bubbles Verbs!!!!