Sunday, 14 June 2020



                                            Pip the Pup: Together We Are a Rainbow of Possibilities  | FREEBIE DOWNLOAD |

In Speech therapy we cover so many different topics. Social skills should be on the forefront of our minds. With that we need to be accepting of differences in abilities, color and race.

Here are some suggestions from BVG SLP that I found to be very interesting and useful to help combat racism:

  1. Keep the CONVERSATION going.
  2. Use your WHITE privilege to be an advocate for change.
  3. When you see RACISM speak up and speak out.
  4. Support BLACK businesses.
  5. Educate yourself on ways to be ANTI-RACIST
  6. DIVERSIFY your resources.
  7. Take ACTION.
And here is a link to her TPT store.

Tara West has a freebie pup book that can open the conversation for learning about others.

In her words:

        "This book provides a fun and gentle way to teach students about loving their unique features and being proud of those. The download includes a Pip the Book and follow-up activity. This packet also comes with an assortment of activities to teach additional color words. This book can be used for your whole-group instruction, character education lesson, or as you see fit within your classroom"

Friday, 12 June 2020

Teaching Concepts

                                       Teaching Concepts and Sequencing- First, Next, Last, Before and After

Teaching Concepts can be difficult especially before and after!

Before and after is so important for school. Teachers use so many concepts throughout the day when they are giving directions and if the kids don't understand these concepts it can leave them in the dust. They won't be doing what they need to be doing, when they need to do it and how it should be done!

When I teach before and after I start off with a line up of manipulatives (above I used vehicles but you can use whatever you have) and talk about what is before and after. After they understand that and can show they me understand I move on to using before and after in time. Before you touch the cat, touch the bear.

IT can be difficult to explain (let alone teach!!) so I made a pack that takes you  step by step!

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Camping Ideas

Camper, Camper, What Do You See?
Summer Ideas!

Are you looking for some summer ideas for your child? 
You can get a tent and play with it in the living room, even if it's raining outside! They love it!
Get some camping toys (or use the real stuff) and read a book. You can play with them and throw in some easy ideas to get some language going!

You can talk about:
  •  food on the stove
  • in the pan
  • what you eat
  • what you use when you are camping
  • where things go
  • so much!!

Monday, 1 June 2020

Early Intervention Bundle!!


Here is everything you need to help train your early ed staff or new aides. It is a must-have for all early intervention workers and special education staff.
It has all the basics of promoting speech-language therapy in and out of speech therapy.
  • get down to their level
  • repetition
  • match
  • model
  • more
  • visuals
  • statements, not questions
DOWNLOAD Preview for a quick look!
 Camping Theme Preschool  

 Camping Theme Preschool 

Preschool Activities- Bus Theme

Community Helper Preschool Pack 

Community Helper Preschool Pack 

The Wheels on the Bus- Preschool Pack  

Snowmen Preschool Activities 

Early Intervention Information & Preschool Bundle