Monday, 29 June 2015

Speech at the ..... Carnival

Hey Everyone!

During the summer many kids do not attend speech therapy (usually because they receive it at school) and I thought what can I do to help? So, this summer every Monday I will be posting ideas of how you can enhance your child's speech and language skills at different spots that people frequent during the summer. I will be posting on the zoo, carnival, parade, camping, and much more!

Today is my first post- the carnival!

Trick 1- Sequencing the Rides!When you are lining up talk about which rides you will go on and use the words first, next, last, second, third, etc.

Trick 2- Food! Talk about the foods- choose 2 and explain how are they the same and how are they different. For example hot dogs and corn on the cob are both long but one is meat and the other is a vegetable, etc. Next ask your child to label 1 thing that is the same and 1 that is different.

Trick 3- Labeling the attributes of the Rides! Talk about the rides, how are they the same and different. For example the swing goes around and around but the roller coaster goes up and down but they are both painted red, etc.

Trick 4-Talk about the sounds in each of the rides. Swing- the first sound is /s/, the last sound is /ng/, etc. You can go on to talk about words that rhyme with the name, real or nonsense words. Swing, ring, ling, ding, etc. 

Here is a little pack I've designed around the carnival, check it out!

I hope you enjoyed this post!
I would love to hear some of your ideas and any requests for places you would like me to post on!


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Wild About Books Wednesday

I am linking up with Speech is Sweet- Wild about Books Wednesday Linky Party

I love Andrews Loose Tooth! I've read it in speech therapy and to my own children about a hundred times! It is a great book activity to promote language skills!
Here is a freebie from my shop that you can use with Andrew's Loose Tooth- it targets syllables, and irregular plurals! Great for your older kids (grade 2 & 3)!

Thanks for Hosting Speech is Sweet!

A week with Itsy Bitsy- Free TODAY!

Here is a freebie from my shop, my gift to you!! Click on the top pic to download it! Please, follow my shop and give me some feedback!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Jack and Jill Freebie!

A Week with Jack and Jill!

I made a new activity for speech therapy it is designed to be a weeks worth of activities in your therapy room. Quick, grab it while its free it won't be for long!!! If you do grab it give me some feedback and follow my shop! :)

In this pack you will find-pronouns, possessives, verbs, phonological awareness, articulation, following directions and concepts.

Jack & Jill booklet (color version) Also included are black and white emergent reader, color page of rhyme, black and white printing practice page, coloring page, and label the rhyme page.

Monday-Phonological Awareness
Beginning Sounds
Tuesday- Sequencing
Wednesday- Pronouns
Thursday- Possessives
Friday- Verbs
Following Directions
Articulation for any sound

A Week with Jack and Jill

Saturday, 20 June 2015

A Week with Little Red!

 1 Week with Little Red!

I made a new product that is great for an entire week of speech and language therapy!

You can use this 33 page pack for a weeks worth of activities in speech therapy or as literacy centers in your classroom!
Read your book and then follow up with these great activities:

Monday-describing & attributes

Tuesday-beginning sounds
Thursday-story sequence 2 versions

Bonus-articulation for /g/, /l/ and /r/
  'wh' questions.


This is the plurals game in the pack. It includes regular and irregular plurals.
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Sunday, 14 June 2015

First Freebie Linky Party!

My first Freebie Linky Party!

I am always participating in linky parties so I thought, why not start my own?!
On the 15th of every month I would like to host a favorite freebie linky party!

All you have to do is link up and post your favorite speech and language freebie- it can be from your shop or another freebie you've found.
 Just link up and use my button and link back to this blog!

The newest Freebie Favorite that I've found!!
Thank you The Speech Attic

S'more Category Fun

I found this new freebie on TPT and I like it! So cute and useful! 
What are your great finds this month?

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Homework Books

Homework Books

Hey everyone

In the speech world, you and I both know that practice and carryover are the keys to success! Many parents need a little help when it comes to understanding speech therapy but too much information can leave them overwhelmed and confused.
I wanted to show you how I do homework books and some simple, free handouts I've made that you can use in your homework books! I also found a freebie too! 

First off, I don't use notebooks or duo tangs but rather folders. The sheets & cards can easily fit in the pockets and you don't have to worry about hole punching sheets. Just be careful that they are in the bag properly so that the sheets don't fall out.

This hand out is an easy articulation reminder for parents. It simply says which sound the child is working on. 

Children and parents get tired of doing the same old artic. drill cards over and over so I made this sheet that can be used with everyday activities. The examples are say your sound while reading a book, practice your sound while eating dinner, & practice your sound while going for a walk, etc.
Freebie- Speech Therapy Homework for any sound!

This is a freebie I found that is fabulous!!! It is from teaching talking!

Articulation Notebooks for /v/ (FREE Sample!)

It's so great I'm thinking about buying some more Articulation Notebooks!
Thanks teaching talking!

Let me know any of your great homework ideas!

Friday, 12 June 2015

What Doesn't Belong - App Review

What Doesn't Belong - App Review

Fun deck has an app that targets the vocabulary goal by working on associations.

There are many pictures that have 2 or 3 related items and the child chooses the item that isn't related.  Then the child can then explain how the items are related.

 You can customize the game for the child's skill level- 2 or 3 items.

At the end of the session you are able to see their results and see if they have made improvements over time.
The app then creates a PDF report that you can email! 
Love this app!! 
Thanks Fun Deck by Super Duper!!


Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Carnival Language Activities

Carnival Language Activities 

 I made a new product I wanted to show you...
 Carnival Language Activities
Everything you need for Speech Therapy!

Language, phonological awareness and articulation sheets are all here!

Language Activities
Object Function- does it belong at the carnival or not- cut out the pieces on page 3 and have the children categorize as at the carnival or not.
Carnival, carnival what do you see book- vocabulary book
Carnival Function-have the child explain what the item is used for
Carnival yes-no answers-give the child the yes-no mat and have them receptively answer the questions on 
page 16
Carnival book

Sequencing activity
What Happened- Past tense verb activity
Pronouns- he, she, and they- cut out the pieces and have the children use the correct pronoun in a phrase.

Phonological Awareness
Count the syllables- have the child count the syllables in each word
Carnival beginning sound- have the child cut out the pictures and paste the ones that start with the /K/ carnival sound in the box.
What’s the sound- have the child identify the beginning and ending sound of each word.

Articulation sheets for any sound.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Lateral /s/

Ideas for working on Lateral /s/

Lateral /s/ is my pet peeve! I find it the most difficult and daunting of all the articulation goals and when I look around I am not alone! Again and again I see SLP's posting how difficult they find it! 
I had a student who was able to read the entire white board story (above) without a lateral s lisp and once he was back in class I could hear it... ugghh!!!

Now I assure you I am not inventing anything new here, just showing you some posts and info that I hope will help you (& I) on your lateral /s/ journey!

 For Parents you can hand out this handy document from Super Duper to inform parents the difference between a frontal and lateral lisp! You might even want to give it to the students teacher(s).
Exploding T- Have your child make the /t/ sound quickly over and over again and then get the child to hold the last /t/ sounds to make it into the /s/ sound. I love Speech and Language Kids video- great explanation! 

Using a straw between the front teeth- have the child practice the previous example 2 with a straw in their mouth- and working toward making the the /s/ sound while blowing the air through the straw.
  (Thank you Pam Marshalla- click on the picture for information.)

Sara Mathis-Hardigan has an entire pinterest board dedicated to this sound- check it out!

Another straw technique- now I don't know who started it but an SLP once told me about getting straw and having the child practice blowing a cotton ball across a table. Then the child eventually works up to blowing the cotton ball across the table while saying the /s/ sound.

On TPT I found these cool products- the first is a freebie from Aloha Speech!  She targets in the final position- similar to the t-s idea. :)
And this paid product from A scoop of Speech!

Co-articulation Strategies: Lateral S

Friday, 5 June 2015

Phonological Awareness -App Review

Phonological Awareness- App Review

This is an app review for Phonological Awareness from Autism iHelp.

The first thing about this app is that it only targets rhyming words. It should be called rhyming words and not phonological awareness as it only works on one area of phonological awareness. This was disappointing to me!

It shows a picture, with an audio prompt, and then the student chooses the one that rhymes from 2- 4 pictures. You can customize it for each student, which I also like. I like that it can show a few examples and doesn't make it too easy for the kiddos.

It has a lot of things you can customize and you also get a progress report, which makes it really user friendly.
This app is also free but for $2.99 you can unlock all of the rhyming words. What phono app do you like?