Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Non-Speech Items-Tara

Remember I told you about some of the non-speech related items that I use in speech? Well, this is another one of those posts! :)

If you have ever been anywhere near TPT you have heard of Tara West- TPT Goddess!
 Her products are amazing, and you get so much for the product for the price and always amazing quality!

Anyway, I love her KinderBookKlub and using it in speech. I have a caseload that comes from homes that don't always have the opportunity to read to their children, so I like to incorporate book in speech. It helps with reading, comprehension, vocabulary and just generally expands their little moldable minds :)

                                                      KinderBookKlub (A growing book club for kindergarten teachers!) 

The first book is After The Fall. I can't wait to use it! I am just in the midst of getting it ready for speech. Her pack includes so many topics that are beneficial for my caseload. 

KinderBookKlub: After the Fall

Tara's Video

KinderBookKlub: Duck and Goose from Tara West on Vimeo.

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Non- Speech Related Items- Elyse

I'm not sure about you but sometimes I get tired of using all the same speech-related items (no offence intended!) I have a large caseload and many of my kids are struggling in their classrooms. I go and look for items that will help them with their academics but also with their communication goals.
The first thing I found were these Comprehension Mats from Proud to Be Primary and I like using them in speech. 

They are great for reading, phonological awareness, comprehension, 'wh' questions, sequencing and also for vocabulary.

They are great because there are many copies/stories, over 25 pages. This product is only $5! What a great price. This is a neat product that you can use with your entire caseload (except pre-k)!

If you check out her website she also has some really great freebies if you subscribe!

Thank you Ellyse, you rock!

September Reading Comprehension Passages

And if you're not ready to purchase, there are some freebies in her Mats sampler.

MATS sampler (comprehension, words, math, & writing)

Tuesday, 11 September 2018


Hey Everyone!

As women, who work and have a personal life, we are all busy. Like, really busy!!  With more balls in the air than we can even count, or keep track of. Trying to balance being a good wife, mom, friend, and business owner. I am trying to make sure my speech business is running, the kids on my caseload are making progress while having fun and engaged, that my contract SLPs and OTs are working and my 2 new employees are trained and ready to go. And if that isn’t enough, I want to look and feel my best. I have a lot of long days- most days I leave for work at 7 and get home around 6. I also drive about 300-600km (YES Kilometres) each day, yes EACH Day! No typo!  So I am sitting too much. At the end of June, I’d had enough. I was doing, giving and worrying about everyone else and I needed to do something for MINDY, just Mindy! Do some self-care that I had been neglecting so long, especially in the human service field AND working with kids :)

 I went on the search to find out how I could implement some self-care- with limited time, budget and energy. I wanted to find someone who could help me with some health tips- eating right and exercising but also with a little me time. Nurturing for myself. Now, I know what you are thinking - there are a million resources to help with eating better and exercising, but I wanted something more. I needed someone who I was accountable to but not completely breathing down my neck either. So I went looking.....

I found some health videos on facebook of this guy Dallas Alexander. He had a website: Live Elevated which provides an exclusive health coaching system. So I went and checked it out. Seemed intriguing- so I sent him a quick message and asked what it was all about.

The first thing that I liked about him is he is Canadian, Metis, and from the same province as I am! WOW, small world! Dallas is definitely a jack of all trades He is an entrepreneur, he is really into fitness and loves sports, he likes art and singing, and has a lot of really great health information. He owns his own oilfield business, works for the Canadian Government, and started the company Live Elevated. His motto is: eat well, move and chill. I like that he has chill in there. It suits him perfectly- he is a pretty chill guy but he is also about moving forward. I like that! Not too much pressure, just enough!

"Reach your goals with a personalized plan, stay on track with consistency through accountability."

"This guy" has helped me so much. I started out frazzled, tired, just basically burnt out! He gave me some tips, and some advice, exercise routine and diet advice. We started out with baby steps and then in June, I did a full 30 days of clean eating. I liked it, but it was hard. I love Diet Coke and a good bag of chips. :) but we made it thru. "This guy has helped me to start meditating daily, get on an exercise routine, make a plan for working on some things with my kids, and a budget- all areas that we causing me stress. 

Now this guy helps me, he checks in with me via email and we have FaceTimed but he is not like a nagging mother! He is supportive and keeps me motivated. He has helped me lose weight, and learn to eat right for my body type and so I feel energized. I also know now that I need meditation in my life, daily! I am feeling better, and more energized! Plus, he didn’t break the bank! I totally love that his fees are very reasonable!! :)

If you are like any number of people on the planet trying to keep all of your balls in the air and need a little help, maybe motivation, to learn how to take care of yourself and do something for you, then you should check this guy out!

He is great! I really like his daily health tips on Facebook from eating right to the morning salute :P

If you want to do something good for yourself, check him out, maybe he can help! 

Thanks, Dallas! Much gratitude!