Saturday, 22 February 2014

March is on its way....

Hey Everyone!

March is on its way.... Yahoo! To me, that only means one thing, spring!
 I am so excited!
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Have you ever wondered what parents are doing at home to increase the language skills of their children? I do. I know that before I was in the speech world I had no clue what to do to get language going or what to do to promote children's language skills. I see many kids who are unaware or unclear of speech and language is and h ow they can help at home. I decided to help parents out by giving them easy, free, quick activities.  I send this calendar home with my speech "kids" every month. These free calendars are also an easy alternative to speech homework. Especially for the kids who never seem to get their homework completed. When I  made the calendars i wanted them to be used by parents to target many language goals, easily, all month long. The calendars target skills all children need to have! They only take a few minutes a day- some of the activities can even be do in the car for those of us who are really pressed for time!
Download it here and here!

I also want to put  a little shout out to all of you educators, teachers, daycare workers, speech aides, and SLP’s- Thank you for doing what you do and caring about our children! You are all wonderful!!

Take care!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Wheels on the Bus Preschool Package

Hey Everyone!

Do you love working with the preschoolers as much as I do? They are just so much fun! I love singing songs and having fun with the little guys. I love so many things about little people: they are never apprehensive to start singing, dancing or participating! Not shy, they are just happy to be a part of something fun!

This got me thinking........ I should work on making  a preschool package so I made a weekly plan for The Wheels on the Bus.

Included are coloring pages, vocabulary, sequencing and  beginning sounds activities . Go here and check it out and download it while it is free! I hope you enjoy it and go ahead and leave me some feedback!

 In the comment section below tell me what you love about preschoolers!


Monday, 17 February 2014

S....peachy Feedback Linky Party!

Speachy Feedback Linky

I Know I just did a post on s..peachy feedback linky but it is that time again, so why not?!

I've joined up with Nicole at Speech Peeps to give one of my TPT customers a free product for giving me insightful feedback!  

 This month's winner is TPT user tammiegrismer, again!
She left this feedback on my Road Trip Bundle: (it is free this long weekend so get it while it lasts.)

There are SO many language skills targeted in this set of activities. I love the inferencing opportunity in "Choose the Correct Item". My students this year love coloring so we will all enjoy the color sheets (I may turn some into "Roll and Cover" sheets by writing numbers on them.) I appreciate that some of these activities will make great homework sheets. Thanks for the amazing gift!
 Road Trip Bundle


Thanks for the feedback Tammie- I know you won my feedback linky last time but you will get another. I will email you today!

Thanks again TammieG!

Cheers, Mindy