Saturday, 11 July 2020

How Many Sounds?


Segmenting sounds is so important! It is a skill that many children don't have and it is an absolute must for increasing reading skills.

What is segmenting:

Phoneme segmentation is the ability to break words down into individual sounds.
For example, the learner breaks the word dog into its sounds – d, o, and g.

Here is a quick, cute activity to help your child/students with that skill.

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Articulation Mats

                                         Articulation Mats

There are so many fun ways you can incorporate articulation practice at home or in therapy.
You can use these articulation mats with play doh, dry erase markers, chips, candy or cereal, crayons, pom poms, bingo dabbers, mini erasers and more!

These will be a great way to practice those stubborn sounds during the summer.

                             Articulation Mats

                             Articulation Mats

                             Articulation Mats

Here is what is included:

9 Articulation Mats for Speech Therapy
initial sounds-f,g,k,l,s and l blends, r, s, sh, and ch & th in all positions.

These mats are to be used in speech therapy for articulation practice. The students can say their target sound and cover a spot with a bingo chip or dauber after they have made a correct production. There are 10 examples on each page and 2 versions for each sound- /r/ and /th/ have more than 2 examples and the /th/ sound is in all positions. All other sounds are initial. At the end of the pack are 10 bw sheets you can send for homework or as a low ink alternative and used with articulation cards.

/f/-fish, fan, ferris wheel, full, photo, phone, fire, fireplace, farmer, fast.
/k/-camera, car, computer, kite, kitten, key, kettle, ketchup, cup, kitten.
/g/-goat, gift, girl, gopher, game, gum, gun, garbage man, gumballs, gold.
/l/- listen, line up, leaf, log, lollipop, lamb, ladybug, laptop, lantern, luggage.
/l/ blends-slam, plant, black, slim, plant, glass, Santa Claus, glue, sled, plum.
/s/ blends words- scar, snack, swim, slim, skate, stem, spin, student, skinny, stage. You can have the students use the phrase- the scar on the swing.
/th/-thin, thief, mouth, sloth, thermos, wreath, thorn, third, mouth, theater.
thumb, mouth, thin, thorn, thermometer, wreath, moth, bath, thermos, thief, theater.
/sh/-ship, shop, sheep, chef, shovel, shell, short, shoe, she, shoulder.
/ch/-chalk, chimney, chicken, chocolate, church, chick, chest, cheese, cherry, chair.
/r/- rainbow, rain, ring, rocket, rose, red, river, rim, rings, rat
rabbit, rings, robot, roller skates, rose, red (bear), rain coat, run, rock, rat, rose.
Write, rabbit, run, rock, race car, rat, rain coat, ring, roller skates, wreath.
/s/- Santa, sun, son, sofa, sit, sandwich, sandcastle, soap, socks, soldier.

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Social Media


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1 Month of Speech Therapy

1 month of Speech Therapy Bundle

During the summer we don't want our children to "lose" all of the skills they've learned. Especially with the COVID epidemic and most of us using distance learning while supplementing it with being a home-school teacher.

In order to do this we need to expose our children to reading, books, and other fun language opportunities. I made this pack and it has activities that are geared towards speech therapy but also simple enough for parents to use at home.

You can read one of the books (or buy/print your own) and then add 1 activity every day. It shouldn't take more than 15 minutes of your time. You child will be reading, and exposed to language activities everyday. This will help them in the fall when we go back to school! (hopefully!)

Here are activities from The Itsy Bitsy Spider:

And examples from: Everything You Need for Jack and Jill