Tuesday, 28 January 2020


There's nothing I love more than some nice, crisp, clear visuals!
I think they are so important. I use them and yet when I talk to aides, and teachers, I find they rarely do. I don't know why. They work so well! I recently purchased some new ones and they are gorgeous.

Visual Picture Direction Cards

They are from Shuna Patterson Pocketful of Littles
She has some really neat products in her TPT store.
Love her phonemic awareness activities.  

These picture direction cards are ideal to help foster independence, on task behavior, and provide a visual reminders for your littles. No more having students yell out, "What Do I Do Now?", a million times a day.
There are 40 cards included.
*glue {stick and bottle}, write, share {2x}, trace, tape, read, cut, snack, name, date, draw, paint, count, underline, stop, pack, unpack, turn in, look, listen, independent work, iPad, computer, highlight, color {crayon, marker, color pencils}, sort, clean up, measure, fold, order, match, dab, roll, solve, quiet work, and raise hand.