Monday, 23 February 2015

What's in your cart? Hero Sale


The Speechroom News is hosting another What's in your cart Linky party. TPT is having a Hero sale to show gratitude to teachers!  Where would we be without them??!! I would like to say thank you to all of the wonderful teachers who have taught me and the also the teachers that continue to teach me today!!!
Thank you SO MUCH!!

I wanted to show you some awesome things I've found to give you some inspiration in your therapy room, classroom and closet! 

Pronouns- Receptive and Expressive Activities
This is one of my newer products that targets pronouns receptively and expressively!
Take a look, I hope you like it!
And it is only $2.50!

Here are some of the items in my cart!

Listening Skills Resource Pack for Speech Therapy & Classrooms!Listening Skills Resource Pack from Jenn Alcorn looks awesome! What kids doesn't need some extra help learning to listen and attend? 
This is a pack that I think every teacher should look into!
Can't wait to try this out!

Winter Pronouns: I Like Skating Interactive Reader and Activities 
Winter Pronouns from Speech Sprouts has a great product that I am excited to take a look at.
 I like Skating targets:  Using personal pronouns: he, she, they, I,  answering a who? question: Who will?, articulation of initial /sk/, & giving directions with prepositions and adjectives.


Community Helpers Sorting Activities I found some great products from Alberta Speechie (someone close to home).
Leprechaun Where Are You? Preposition Interactive BookShe has some really great products!
 I chose 2: Leprechaun Where are you? targets concepts and Community Helpers- Whose is it? targets vocabulary. I can't wait to use these with some younger kiddos!


And last, but certainly not least The Language Box!
The Language Box - Mega ResourceThe Speechtress has this product that targets 10 goals in one!!! I am so excited to try this one out! It targets: antonyms, associations, categories, compare & contrast, early skills (shapes, colors, etc.), irregular verbs, sequencing, spatial concepts, vocabulary, & wh questions.

Thank you, teachers, for all you do and thank you for taking a look!


Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Mr. Potato Head

 Mr. Potato Head

I think we have all seen, used or had Mr. Potato Heads. They are a great toy and kids love to dress them up again and again. Potato heads are a good investment because they have many parts, they are easy to find (you can find them anywhere you find toys) and they are reasonably priced. This got me thinking,  how we can use them in therapy?

First you can use them to teach concepts like first, next, last, before, after, in front and behind. Easy peasy!! :)

Following Directions
You can get the kids to follow your directions. For example: give the big potato head a set of eyes and then a set of arms... During therapy, you can take turns having the student giving directions to you and you to them. There is the flexibility to adjust the directions to your students skills by adding, or simplifying directions. 

You can also have the students sort the pieces into colors, accessories and body parts.

Learning Language
For small children you can use them with your language delayed clients. While they are playing, you can label and repeat the attributes of each piece. The kids will be learning and not even know it. :)

Reinforcement- as always you can use them as reinforcement after you student has practiced all of their goals.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Hey everyone 

I was out and about a while ago (ok last summer!) and found this for free! At our landfill we have a little shed called the "take it or leave it." People put items they no longer want but think others may find useful. Another name is the never-ending garage sale.  While I was putting some items in I found this! I thought that is too good to pass up, but I wondered how can I use it in speech therapy!? 

This is what I found! I don't know what you call them but I sure lucked out when I found it!!!

You can have the kids toss a ball or bean bag and then say their target word/sound as many times as the number they got! This just makes it a little more fun for the kids because articulation can get a little monotonous! :)

You can have the kids toss the ball and then describe the animal closest to where their ball landed. You can get the kids to include information like  does it fly or walk? does it have fur or feathers or scales? does it have 4 legs or 2? etc.

With preschoolers you can basically start anywhere- animals, turn taking, color of the balls, did it land at the top or the bottom, what animal did it land close to? You can also use it for reinforcement.  I am also looking for you to give me some more ideas. Please comment below! 

You can also tell me some free things you've found and how you've used them!