Tuesday, 31 May 2016

White boards

I bought some whiteboards and wondered how can I use them in speech therapy!

1. You can take a picture of the kids with their name and information and use when you have 100 kids to assess to help you  remember! Helps all of you SLP's put a face to the name and test form!

2. Win, Lose or Draw! Draw something, while giving the student clues about the item (important information)  and have them try and guess what the item is.

3. Summarize a story. Read a book and have the kids rephrase the story using pictures that they draw!

4. Reinforcement- play tic tac toe, or another reinforcing game after the student has completed some work. :)

What ideas can you come up with?


Sunday, 29 May 2016

Fun with Verbs!


Fun with Verbs
Sometimes you just want to mix things up, make them more fun and get those kids 
out of their chairs!

I made this verb pack to do just that!

You can watch the you tube video, turn it into a game , act out each of the verbs on each page and just act silly. 
The sillier it is the better! (And the more the kids will remember it!)
You also better grab it while its free cause it won't be for long!

Making Verbs FUN!


Friday, 27 May 2016



About this time of year we need to work on reinforcement. I want to be outside in the sun, just like the kids do. I am tired of working on /r/ and pronouns for the 100th time too! We need to get some good ideas that are reinforcing for the kids...

I told you last week about my books for reinforcement but what about those kids that it just doesn't work? Maybe they aren't reading yet or books just aren't the reinforcement that works. That's when I bring out the big guns! iPad! There are a lot of games on it that are free and only take about 30 seconds to play! Love it! They have a quick game and then do some more repetitions or practice some more language skills. You can even use the game to target some goals. With the game pictured you can target pronouns, and verbs. With some imagination, you can use it to target some other goals. 


Saturday, 21 May 2016

Mini Books

Mini Books as reinforcement!

I think I've mentioned before that I use a treat bucket as reinforcement for a job well done or completion of a goal/homework! I wanted to find something a little more useful than gum or a cheap little toy that is broke before the kid returns to their classroom! I found these mini books that fit the bill! They are older, I think they were published in the 80's, but they fit the bill. My kids look forward to getting a new book which is great because summer is coming up and kids can practice reading.

The books I have tend to be Robert Munsch but you can use anything you can find! You can also use them for questions and comprehension and ask them about the book on their next speech visit.

You can look for them on amazon or eBay! 


Friday, 6 May 2016

10 minute Grammar Flip Book


Recently I purchased this 10 Minute Grammar Flip Book and let me tell you it is the best $3.50 I've spent in a while!
It targets a ton of goals in an easy format! It is also easy to prep, just print and hole punch. Plus the pages are printer friendly, they don't use a lot of ink.

The 10 minute gram. book works on many grammar goals like pronouns, verb tenses, concepts and more! You can use almost every sheet for pronouns and with a little imagination you can use them in different ways. I used them in receptive and expressive ways!

10 Minute Grammar Flip Book

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Alberta Strong!!

I'm Thinking of all of my fellow Albertans who are dealing with so much right now!! 

My heart breaks for you.

Take care!!

Monday, 2 May 2016

Speech, No Prep!!

Speech Worksheets, No Prep!

Recently I made these Speech, No Prep worksheets! You can purchase the full pack or sample a couple of the freebies here. I made these sheets that will target many language goals and you can use them anyway you need. I made them with very  vague instructions because some kids may be at the receptive level while others are at the expressive level or you can use them as an introduction. 
These sheets targets many goals:
*regular and irregular past tense
*present and future tense
*matching items that go together
*labeling category names
*labeling where you find items
*labeling the function of items
*beginnings sounds

After you have worked on them you can send them for homework for carryover and practice (either in the classroom or at home!)
The best part is I have them on for only 0.50 this week so grab them quick!