Saturday, 30 July 2016


I made a muffin syllable game for kids to practice counting syllables in words. It is a great activity to practice their phonological awareness skills independently as center.

How Many Muffins? Syllable game

You can laminate and hand out the entire sheet as a mat or cut them up and put them on a ring.

There are so many fun ideas you can use to identify the amount of muffins (syllables) in each word.
You can try blocks, play-doh, beads, game pieces, wet erase markers, snacks, and if you are very brave- gum!! I tried and they got to have a gum to take home with them. (Some days I will try anything that motivates the kids!)

 You can also have the kids jump, clap or stomp the number of syllables!

I came up with another good idea on the spot. I had the kids identify the beginning sound (letter) of each sound and with the students who are doing really well got them to write it down, I also did the last sound too! :)


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