Monday, 8 February 2016

Working on Vocab... naturally!

Many students (especially ones who are in low socioeconomic schools) are at risk for having low vocabulary skills and  I see many kids who need help targeting their vocabulary skills. Often times they need help naming items from a group, identifying group names, and naming the functions and attributes of items. I have told you before that not only do I do one on one therapy, but I also provide in-class activities. I recently made a pack that can be given to teachers so that they can target this skill while I am unavailable. I made the pack that can work for varying  abilities and the games are made to be more interactive and a natural way to get the vocabulary going.... Included are pictures for younger students and also written/verbal activities that do not include any prompts for students who are older. 
These activities are meant to be printed off and cut out for quick and low prep use. You don't even need to laminate if you don't want to!! (Even though I seem to love the laminator!!!)

Classroom Activities to Increase Vocabulary Skills 

You can also send this home with your students so that they can try these activities at home or for homework. It makes homework a little more fun and interactive!

Check it out and see if you like it! I would love to hear your feedback!


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