Saturday, 31 October 2015

Favourite Videos- Part 2

First of all, let me say Happy Halloween! 
I hope you and all of the little people have a great and safe time trick or treating and partying tonight! :)

 I posted my first video that is aimed to help with treatment and education, for teachers, SLP-A's and SLP's.
I have been looking and there are so many videos and so much information out there. I thought I should share some of this information on to you! 
These videos are informative, helpful and if nothing else, a nice reminder.
Carrie Clark from has some awesome videos.
I found this one particularly helpful for Group Sessions.

There are so many more ideas than the way I was doing group therapy. I had a lot of down time and she suggest so many other alternatives. I particularly love the stations approach! The un-group reminds me of the 5 Minute Kids program, which I have used with  my artic. kids when I had a large caseload.
I love how you were specific when telling how to do the session and take data!
THANK You, so helpful!

Take a look!
Tips for Group Speech Therapy Sessions 
Thank you Carrie Clark!



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