Thursday, 24 September 2015

Articulation Mats!

Articulation Mats 

Do you ever get tired of the same old articulation materials?
Me too! I decided to make some brightly colored materials for fall!

9 Articulation Mats for Speech Therapy
initial sounds-f, g, k, l, s and l blends, sh, and ch. 

r & th in all positions.

These mats are to be used in speech therapy for articulation practice. The students can say their target sound and cover a spot with a bingo chip or dauber after they have made a correct production. There are 10 examples on each page and 2 versions for each sound- /r/ and /th/ have more than 2 examples and the /th/ sound is in all positions. All other sounds are initial. At the end of the pack are 10 bw sheets you can send for homework or as a low ink alternative and used with articulation cards.

/f/-fish, fan, ferris wheel, full, photo, phone, fire, fireplace, farmer, fast.
/k/-camera, car, computer, kite, kitten, key, kettle, ketchup, cup, kitten.
/g/-goat, gift, girl, gopher, game, gum, gun, garbage man, gumballs, gold.
/l/- listen, line up, leaf, log, lollipop, lamb, ladybug, laptop, lantern, luggage.
/l/ blends-slam, plant, black, slim, plant, glass, Santa Claus, glue, sled, plum.
/s/ blends words- scar, snack, swim, slim, skate, stem, spin, student, skinny, stage. You can have the students use the phrase- the scar on the swing.
/th/-thin, thief, mouth, sloth, thermos, wreath, thorn, third, mouth, theater.
thumb, mouth, thin, thorn, thermometer, wreath, moth, bath, thermos, thief, theater.

 /sh/-ship, shop, sheep, chef, shovel, shell, short, shoe, she, shoulder.
/ch/-chalk, chimney, chicken, chocolate, church, chick, chest, cheese, cherry, chair.
/r/- rainbow, rain, ring, rocket, rose, red, river, rim, rings, rat
rabbit, rings, robot, roller skates, rose, red (bear), rain coat, run, rock, rat, rose.
Write, rabbit, run, rock, race car, rat, rain coat, ring, roller skates, wreath.
You can find them in my store here!

Cheers, Mindy


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