Friday, 5 June 2015

Phonological Awareness -App Review

Phonological Awareness- App Review

This is an app review for Phonological Awareness from Autism iHelp.

The first thing about this app is that it only targets rhyming words. It should be called rhyming words and not phonological awareness as it only works on one area of phonological awareness. This was disappointing to me!

It shows a picture, with an audio prompt, and then the student chooses the one that rhymes from 2- 4 pictures. You can customize it for each student, which I also like. I like that it can show a few examples and doesn't make it too easy for the kiddos.

It has a lot of things you can customize and you also get a progress report, which makes it really user friendly.
This app is also free but for $2.99 you can unlock all of the rhyming words. What phono app do you like?


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