Friday, 5 September 2014

Articulation Test Center from Little Bee Speech

Hey Everyone!

September means two thing for most of us... back to school and screens/assessments! I recently found this cool app that I can use on my iPad to screen articulation. I love that I won't need to lug my big bag and paraphernalia around I will just need my iPad! I recently purchased it and it is on sale this month for 50% off! Great deal!
I have used the Articulation Station from Little Bee Speech and really loved it-check out my post on that app, so I thought I would take a closer look at this app. I was right, I really liked it! I can't wait to use it more. Here is what I thought....

This is what the first page looks like. First, you choose either the screen or full test. For this post I will just be speaking about the screen-  stay posted for my feedback on the full test...

Next you choose the child's age.

Now is when you add in some of the child's information- name, birth date, school, etc. And then you start with test cards (pictures). The green letters are the sounds that are being tested. If there are no errors you leave them green, if they are wrong you tap the letter/sound and it will change to red to indicate an error, or yellow to show an approximation. 
During the test you are also able to record the child and you can also make notes in the "notes" area. This is a great feature when you see 50 kids a day and can't remember little things and need to go back to it.

When you are finished all of the test cards  it will show you that you are finished.

At the end it will show you the results of the child- the words that were tested, what errors they made (and the position the errors were made), a report which you can email, and then there is a recommendation area that show which sounds they should be making for their age/development.  I love this! It is basically idiot proof (not to be offensive!) :)


If you are really pressed for time you can look at the recommendations
tab and then look at the errors and make goals from there! Easy! 
Disclaimer** recommending and preparing goals is the role of a Registered Speech 
Language Pathologist, not a Speech Language Assistant.

This app also has a report that you can email to yourself (if you are out of the office) or another professional! No more lengthy reports, it's already completed for you! Yay! It doesn't really get any easier than that!
I will be starting to work at my schools and I can't wait to get going with this app. This is the app I have chosen for all of my artic. screenings. And don't forget it's 50% off during the month of September! Who wouldn't love that?

Check out Little Bee Speech for some other great free resources! Thank you Little Bee Speech, you haven't let me down yet!

Happy Screening, and Assessing!!


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