Friday, 28 March 2014

Before & After

Hey Everyone!!!

A lot of kiddos have trouble with before and after - either the position concept or the time concept. When I work on this concept I start by working on the position concept. It is easier for the little guys to understand. I line up little manipulatives (there are some great items from Lakeshore Learning) and then ask the child to put an item before another. I teach that before means in front and after means behind. I don't move on to after until I am sure they have mastered before.

After they have learned and understood the concept in positions then I move on to time. I give directions like touch the pig but before you do that touch the cow. I will show that that I physically have touched the cow before the pig. As they have mastered this I give instructions like touch the cow before the pig. And then I move on to after.

There are so many items you can use to teach before and after. I really like the app Easy Concepts which you can target just before or after or both of them together. Check it out- it's only $4.99 from Easy Speak Enterprises.



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