Friday, 24 January 2014

Love it & List it Linky

This month the love it and list it linky with Jenna from Speech Room News is dedicated to social skills. To be honest, I don't work on pragmatics much. I am not too sure why, but my guess is that maybe some of the kids I work with have more severe language skills....? I just do what the SLP tells me. :)

I did look into some activities on Teacherspayteachers because my son is having some difficulty with peers in his classroom. I thought what an excellent opportunity to try out some of these activities with him! I bought 2 activities the first one is Think it or Say it? from The Word Shop. 
Think It or Say It- Pragmatic Skills


This activity was so easy to use, set up, print, and get ready! I always a fan of easy resources!!! My daughter, son and I played it and definitely thought it was fun and we had a good laugh at the Silent but Violent phrase!!! I won't tell you too much more- but I am sure you get the picture. Be sure to check this one out! This activity really hit home because of my children's age- it was clear and to the point and I really feel like they got a lot out if it! Thank You THE WORD SHOP! :)

The second activity I purchased was Winter Village- Social Language Activities by Speech Room News.This one was a bit more tedious to cut out, download and set up. With that being said, it did target more skills. You can use the game board for groups and target different goals for each child. This makes it so easy and practical for busy people with large case loads. My kids did enjoy playing this game though I think it was a bit above their skill level.

Winter Village: Social Language Activities

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  1. I don't work on social skills (at least formally!) very often, either. Thanks for the suggestions; I'm going to check out both of them!

  2. I think it depends on your caseload! In the past I only had a handful of social skills kiddos. This year I'm in new buildings full of Autism Classrooms so I am doing a ton of pragmatics! Thanks for linking up! Glad to see the pics of Winter Village!

  3. Exactly, I do not work on social skills (at all). I think if you have a large caseload of children working on pragmatics this would be great to target many goals at once. For my kids at home it was a bit above their skill level. I am sure interested in looking at your other Winter Language products. Thanks for hosting the party Jenna!