Thursday, 25 July 2013

City, City What Do You See?

Sooo many kids I work with have to work on the vocabulary goal these days; so I started looking for resources. I have a hard time finding resources that work well for younger kids at the beginning of the goal. Normally when I start targeting the vocabulary goal, I start with an associations activity. I will have the children state which items go together, and then explain why they go together?

However when I am working with preschoolers or children who have significant language delays,  this can be a very difficult task for them. This got me thinking..... What do I need? I started making books based on themes: farm animals, things at school, ocean items, and things in the city. I wrote these books in an easy, repetitions pattern so that children could read them along with their teacher or SLP. They are written in the Brown Bear, Brown Bear format so that non-readers and beginning readers can read them again, and again.  These books are just a beginning point for you to say all of these items in the book belong to a category- the category name is.....  Then you can go on to tell the kids what are some similarities between the items and what are some differences,  what are the parts, where do the items come from, what is their function, etc. 

Here is a copy of my City, City what do you see which includes many services that are found in our communities.


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