Thursday, 27 August 2020

Back to School Ideas


Category Clips 

Well, it's been a while! This whole COVID thing has us all wondering what the heck this year will look like! I am hoping that your year, and mine, is back to normal, we all stay safe and our year(s) goes smoothly!

This is a FUN activity for preschool and kindergarten!


 Use this fun activity to teach basic categories and subcategories. 


 It includes the basic categories 

* Animal

* Clothing

* Food 

* Household Items  

* Transportation 

Category Clips

 and Subcategories

 Land, Air, and Water transportation

 Pets, Zoo Animals, and Farm Animals

 Bedroom, Living room and Kitchen

 Healthy and Unhealthy Food

 School Items

 Space Items

 &  Community Places


 Category Clips


 Laminate and glue pieces on clothespins to make a fun center that also targets fine motor skills! Right now it is on sale for $2.40!!


 Category Clips


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