Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Carnival Language Activities

Carnival Language Activities 

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 Carnival Language Activities
Everything you need for Speech Therapy!

Language, phonological awareness and articulation sheets are all here!

Language Activities
Object Function- does it belong at the carnival or not- cut out the pieces on page 3 and have the children categorize as at the carnival or not.
Carnival, carnival what do you see book- vocabulary book
Carnival Function-have the child explain what the item is used for
Carnival yes-no answers-give the child the yes-no mat and have them receptively answer the questions on 
page 16
Carnival book

Sequencing activity
What Happened- Past tense verb activity
Pronouns- he, she, and they- cut out the pieces and have the children use the correct pronoun in a phrase.

Phonological Awareness
Count the syllables- have the child count the syllables in each word
Carnival beginning sound- have the child cut out the pictures and paste the ones that start with the /K/ carnival sound in the box.
What’s the sound- have the child identify the beginning and ending sound of each word.

Articulation sheets for any sound.


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