Thursday, 7 May 2015

Beginning sound pizza

                Beginning sounds pizza 

I bought this game- beginning sounds pizza from Really Good Stuff. Really good stuff is an online website that has really good materials and games for teachers and educators. I've found some really cool phonological awareness games that I love using and sharing with my teacher friends!
I've noticed that teachers tend to focus on phonics rather than phonological or phonemic awareness skills. For this reason I  like to pass my phono resources onto them. It helps with the kids who are struggling to read and gives the other kids just a little bit of an extra boost with their skills not to mention giving the teachers more ideas too.

Back to the pizza...

Beginning sounds pizza is a game that kids play to identify beginning sounds. Everybody gets their own pizza and the kids take turns choosing slices of pizza and then they decide whether it belongs on their pizza or not depending on their target sound. 
I like this game because it uses every beginning sound and the alphabet.

Another  variation to play the game are having the pizzas with pizza slices already on them with all one sound and then having the kids identify the beginning sound on each pizza.

This game is great for groups or as a literacy center. (I use it in speech therapy for my kids who need extra phono help).

What games do you like for phonemic awareness?



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