Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Whooo Knows Their Sound?

Mia McDaniel provided this great little freebie that you can use with her Articulation Cans. I love these cans, I think they are great for articulation therapy especially when you are working in groups. 

I made my cans out of paper cups and then Velcro-ed them to a sheet and put them in a spot that my kiddos all have access to them.  I love this product because they can use the word/sound in a phrase or sentence and then there is a sort your stick activity. The kids can sort the popsicle sticks between where they are hearing "their" sound: in the beginning, middle and ending of words. Included is a sort your sticks sheet, which I laminated, and then the kids can choose a popsicle stick and place them in the appropriate spot on the sheet according to sounds- initial, medial and final.This way they are doing a bit of phonemic awareness practice at the same time. YAY! great idea Mia McDaniel! Thanks for the great product!
If you want to purchase the entire product you can here!

Articulation Cans {a DIY you'll use forever!} 

I hope you like this product, leave me some feedback on some of your fave articulation products!



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