Friday, 26 September 2014

Photo Fish Verbs

Fish & Say

I have the  Fish and Say for Verbs from Super Duper and I wanted to share my ideas on this nifty little game!
I get so excited when I can come up with other ways to use a product so It thought I would share them with you all! 

I love this game because it has a built in reinforcer! Fishing! What kid doesn't want to fish?! This makes getting them to do a few more practices in a whole lot easier! I actually play with the kids and that is a great way to target turn taking and modeling.

Playing this game targets verbs but you can also target present, past and future tenses. "She will brush her hair, now she is brushing her hair, and yesterday she brushed her hair." I usually give the child a model of either past or future tense verbs after they have used the present tense correctly. 
Another goal I work on with these fish are targeting pronouns. "Ohh, look it's a girl running, when we talk about a girl we call her a she. She is running..." 

You can also target phonological & phonemic awareness by asking the child to name the beginning or ending sounds. You can also get them to choose words with the same sound, or make up words that rhyme! 

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There are also some great handouts for parents and professionals on Super Duper- check them out!
Leave me a comment below on the Super Duper products you love. 



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