Saturday, 1 March 2014

Do it for the kids........

Hey Everyone

Happy Saturday! I hope you are all enjoying your day off. I want to talk a little bit about the role we all play in the lives of the kids’ that we work with.Not a  direct speech link- bit everything is related, isn't it??!!

The Bigger picture:
Our job- Why are we here? We go to work every day, do housework, pay bills, commute and then try and spend some left over time on ourselves and with our families. It can be discouraging not to mention overwhelming. But I try to remember what our larger purpose here is and why we do what we do. For me- I am trying to use my life to help build the lives of others. With the kids my ultimate goal is to spread a little happiness, and joy to their lives while I build their communication skills. As I am trying to build their communication skills I hope it is so that they can go on to enhance their own lives. I am trying to build their self-confidence and abilities so they will ultimately be able to contribute their lives to helping others. And if I attain a few grammar goals in there- FREEBIE! WOO HOO! I always think to myself- even if a child doesn’t complete all of their goals I want them to have at least taken something away from out time together that is beneficial. If that is confidence, or just the fact that someone paid attention to them that day, I have won! (And so have they!). And so the cycle goes.

We can sometimes get caught up in our own problems, crap; I have a $400 phone bill how am I going to pay that? Instead of focusing on the negative, be grateful. I am so grateful I have a phone, a home, a job, and a mouth to speak with (on my phone). Gratitude is a great thing and we all need to take a few minutes every day and voice what we are grateful for. Complaining doesn’t help anyone so, my advice is focus on the positive. And always show gratitude. If you are having difficulty finding things you are grateful for, you definitely need to start NOW!
Today I am grateful for my husband, my children, and my warm bed (it was -36 this morning! YIKES). Yes, I am so grateful for you, reading my blog. If you have something you are grateful for write it down in the comments section! Spread a positive, grateful attitude today!!! So I challenge you today to tell 3 people today that you are grateful for them and why!

Happy Saturday!
Cheers, Mindy


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