Friday, 22 November 2013

Love it & List it -Articulation Apps!

Articulation Apps

Articulation Apps are a great and easy way to target speech goals for your students! Your bag is so much lighter when you don't have to carry all of those cards and materials!!!! Just grab your Ipad and you have access to all the sounds you need, in all the positions. When I have a large caseload, I will grab the kids and pull them out of their class and target their sound(s) right in the hallway. I don't always need my treat bucket either because the iPad is a reward in itself!


  1. Articulation Station- Love this app because it is so easy to use. You can work on sounds, and blends, in all positions. They can be worked at the word, sentence and story level! The kids love to play the matching game! You can also keep data and have a final percentage at the end to make taking notes super easy!
2.Speech 2 Go- A good, simple app. It has some really great pictures but you can only play it in a flashcard fashion. This can get a little boring for the older kids.

3. Say It Again- The child rolls the dice and chooses a square, and then they are given a word to say. This game is cool because it is a bingo type game that you can play in groups. You can choose different game styles: lines, letter x, or cover all. The only thing missing is data- this app will not let you collect data on the children.

4. Webber Photo Artic Castle- This is another great one. Easy to use and it will keep all of your data! You are able to set up your students and choose their goals. You can also go back and view their results, later on, by the date or by the goal. This is especially nice if you are working on multiple kids with multiple goals!                                                                                                                                                                      


5. ArtikPix- The graphics on the home screen are a little simple but this game lets you choose different word positions at different levels, and it will let you keep score. There are 2 different games: flashcards and matching. Plus, the matching game has 3 levels: easy, medium and hard. 

6. Articulation Games is a great app by Virtual Speech Centre! It has 4 games to keep the kids interested! It has all sounds in all positions and the pictures are great! I love this app! 34.99 for all of the sounds! The kids love the spinner game!


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