Saturday, 16 November 2013

GIve a little bit.....


Today my post has deep meaning for me.
When I am having a bad day, or feeling sorry for myself and unappreciated I put on that song by the Goo Goo Dolls & Supertamp-Give a Little Bit. I really love that coca cola commercial that features the song. I don't know why but it always makes me feel better. It makes me think of the word altruistic which means you do something for someone with out expectations. You just do it because it feels good without having any regard to how it can be of benefit to you. This is how I feel about speech and the kids. I like to see them and help them achieve their goals because their success makes me feel good and in return I don't want anything from them. I work hard at helping them and helping them achieve their goals through fun and engaging activities. (I hope!) If everyone did their job, passionately and to the best of their abilities, with out expectations wouldn't the world be such a great place!?
 Next time you go to work with the kids and you are having a bad day, or feel cranky, just take a few quiet minutes, and remember why you started this job. Think about the kids! Put a smile on your face and try to focus on the good! Then hum to yourself Give A Little Bit...

Here is the video for inspiration!

And with that being said- go out and do something nice for someone, unexpectedly, just because! You know a random act of kindness!
I bet it will make you just as happy as it makes them!


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