Saturday, 27 January 2018

Reading Cafe

A Reading Cafe, where reading was on the menu!
 In an effort to build bridges between school and home, OPK School conducted a Reading Cafe at their school last week. It offered an opportunity for parents to come and learn about what their children do all day and what they have learned. It is also a great way to get parents involved in school and spend some positive time with their children. They offered the activity throughout the day at different times.

Students as Chefs

The students came out with a tray, ( fully dressed like chefs complete with white coats and chef hats!) and had 3 books on the menu. The parents then chose a book from the tray and then the chef read the books to the parents. After the book and discussion about the book, everyone was able to have a quick treat from the assortment of delicious goodies they had~!

It all looked so cute, they decorated the gym with restaurant tables and cute heart decorations. 
I think it was a great way to get parent involvement, and a nice way for students to "show off" their reading skills to the people that love them most, parents!

Great job OPK School!

Here I am at The Reading Cafe!


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