Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Presentation Time

Do you ever go to presentations, or have training days at work? If you work in health or school you probably do. Although I do like presentations and learning new stuff, I get all my handouts and put it all together in a nice little file folder in my desk and it... sits there... forever. Then months and even years later I go back to find all these neat ideas and information that I never tried. What a waste of the presenters time and mine!
I wanted to change that so I made a 1 sheet template that I can write down the great ideas, and info I’ve learned. I can also write how I plan to implement the new idea(s), what I need to make it work, rate how it went, and finally what I would change for next time. And best of all, it’s written by me and it’s on 1 sheet where I can keep it handy. Then all the info I learn isn’t wasted.


 I hope you like it!
I have it free in my store. Take a look and happy learning!  

Presentation Template


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