Friday, 10 June 2016



Isn't this the cutest book??

This was written by a friend who happens to be an SLP! Megan Stock, R.SLP,  created this series to provide adults (who don't have  any formal speech education) with valuable speech and language information to provide children with a story that will stimulate their sound awareness, sound production skills, and literacy development.
This book is part of the Sound Booster Series which have been designed to follow the natural progression of speech sound development, beginning with the sound in isolation then to vowels and words then phrases!

It is cute and very interesting for the little guys featuring lift up flaps...

and kid friendly pictures!
You can also use it to target common vocabulary items and with older children, conversation starters.

Megan has also worked on some other books including /p/, /w/, /n/, /t/ /d/  & /m/ sounds.
If you're interested in purchasing it for your caseload, or preschoolers, you can email her at

Great job Megan!


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