Monday, 4 January 2016

Screening Instrument

I found this Early Development Instrument! It is such a comprehensive tool!

According to their website:

The questionnaire has 104 questions and measures five core areas of early child development that are known to be good predictors of adult health, education and social outcomes:

Physical Health & Well-Being

Sample EDI questions: Can the child hold a pencil, pen or crayons? Is the child on time for school each day?

Language & Cognitive Development

Sample EDI questions: Is the child interested in reading and writing? Can the child count and recognize numbers?

Social Competence

Sample EDI questions: Does the child share with others? Is the child self-confident? Will he/she invite bystanders to join in a game?

Emotional Maturity

Sample EDI questions: Is the child able to concentrate? Is the child aggressive or angry? Is the child impulsive (does he/she act without thinking)?

Communication Skills & General Knowledge

Sample EDI questions: Can the child tell a short story? Can the child communicate with adults and children?

EDI questionnaires are completed by kindergarten teachers from across British Columbia for all children in their classes. They are filled out in February, after teachers have had the chance to get to know their students. This ensures that teachers are able to answer the questions knowledgeably.

I love this tool and would like to implement it at some of my Albertan Schools. It is a comprehensive tool.

Ideally, the EDI would be used as a part of a screening process for kindergarten children along side with a SLP screen.
My thoughts: you could do this in October and February and see how much the child has progressed. Hopefully you have aides and are able to carry out this extra task. :)

Thank you, Rick, for this information on this wonderful resource. Love that we are always trying to improve services for our First Nation's People.



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