Monday, 2 November 2015

The Speech Jar

Speech Jar 

 The Speech Jar

Have you ever heard of The Key Jar? 
The jar is a good way for families to elicit conversation. You print off and cut out the questions & put them in a jar and then every night at suppertime, or whenever you want, one person pulls out a question and everyone at the table answers it. Check it out here!

Erin Waters introduced the idea on her blog and is has it on her TPT website for free. So I contacted her and asked her if I could use her idea to make a speech jar. She said yes! Thank you so much, Erin.
 I wanted to use the jars to come up with an idea for speech therapy on ways to elicit conversation, target social skills, turn taking, and target some language goals too. 

So I made my own speech jar for speech therapy!

Check it out! There are "wh" questions, phonological awareness goals, sequencing and more! And.... It's free!!
Tell me what you think of it below!



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