Thursday, 26 November 2015

Phonemic awareness- Lakeshore Learning

Fill in the Blank Phonemic Awareness Product 

Recently I purchased this product from LL. I love working on phono! 

A few years ago I was part of a program where an SLP was doing research on kindergartners. She was researching  to see if kindergarten ages children, who had severe speech and language skills, were able to make speech progress by following a phonemic awareness program. 

I provided the treatment for the program & I worked with 5, 5 year old children for 20 hours, in 30 minute sessions. At the end of the program, not only were the children able to read, but they had also made progress in their speech skills. This was amazing progress considering they had previously been PUF kids (in Canada these children have (both) severe speech & language skills and qualify for funding for an aide).

The program targeted segmenting, blending, deleting and manipulating phonemes. I like this LL product because it has a lot of ideas and activities that were useful with that program. They help build a good foundation of strong reading  skills.

This product contains many activities that would have been useful when I was providing that program! It contains an activity on rhyming, beginning sounds and ending sounds. It also comes in a handy tin case and uses magnets! The tin case is sturdy, which I love!!

What products do you use to help your reading/phono kids?



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