Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Wild About Books Wednesday

I am linking up with Speech is Sweet and her Wild about Books Wednesday!

Today I am posting about "Gilbert the Great" and "Don't Eat the Teacher!"
I found 2 really cute books that I thought would be great for social skills - Gilbert the Great and Don't Eat the Teacher!
Gilbert the Great is a story about a shark and how he deals with his best friend moving, and Don't Eat the Teacher is about a shark that bites everything on his first day of school. They are a great introduction to younger kids on how to behave in certain social situations. I really like these books as they get the conversation going on how to act and also forces the children to come up with a better option.

In this pack I've included 2 social games:
It also includes /sh/ articulation cards and a craft that goes along with the articulation cards.

Here is a cute pic my 6 month old in a shark mask!!
He is so cute!

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  1. These books are perfect for shark week! I'm very sorry about last week, I took a little holiday break. I hope you link up with this post tomorrow! Have a wonderful day! :)
    Scarlett, Speech Is Sweet