Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Cheap Easter ideas!!

Hey Everyone!

I know Easter has passed us by but I wanted to show you a couple of inexpensive games I've found that you can use in therapy. 

I found this cute X & O's game at Wal-Mart. The kids love it and I've found ways to use it in articulation or language therapy. I will have the student complete a few examples of their goal (cards/words, etc.) and then they take their turn playing the game. I also make them practice during my turn too, unless it's a difficult goal for them then I use that time to model the goal correctly. 😊

The other cute game I found is little rabbits that you catch with the net. You push them down and then catch them when they pop up! How cute is that! I get them to practice their target for each turn or I get them to practice as many times as the amount of bunnies they've caught. You can also color
Code the bunnies for a number of turns- white 5 times, pink 2, etc.  They love it! So cute and easy!

Buying both of these games cost me under $4!!
Are there any items you've found? Please share your ideas!!



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